Artist: ElisaDay
Title: Auftakt
Format:  EP/Digital
Label: Independent Release


1 – Inner War
2 – Fire or Ice
3 – Poison Ring
4 – Hear Me

On October 15, 2021, the new and third EP from Russian band ElisaDay will be released, called ‘Auftakt’.

This new EP will be released as an Independent Release.

The band was formed in summer 2013 by the participants of sympho-metal band “Lanewin”, after the moment when Anna Beliva, the leader of this group, disappointed in metal and started her new solo project. After several vocal casting sessions, the musicians chose Lubov Antropova, who had charmed them with her voice and fascination.

As a result, there was a full re-branding and the band had been named as “ElisaDay”. The band started to rehearse a lot and prepare the materials for a record. Musicians chose 4 tracks for their debut EP, which was named “Find the Answer”, and then came to Finland to record drums in the famous “Astia Studio”, where Children Of Bodom had recorded their best albums.

After that, there was a hard work with keyboards, orchestra and vocal recordings and in summer 2014 they started mixing and mastering all the stuff. The main producer and sound-engineer was Vadim “Wayland” Parshutkin from “Soundway Records”. The album has received a lot of positive feedback from symphonic metal fans and other metal music admirers. The main thing is that metal is not the only style to perform by ElisaDay, but also the band borrows some highlights from other musical genres.

The band has decided to rework their sound conception to add some epic trailer and cinematic vibes to their music. In December 2019, they have released a single “Dark Queen” to make some sort of a starting point to the new perception of symphonic metal.

As a result, ElisaDay is proud to present their first EP of that new era of their sound conception, called Auftakt, which will be released in October 2021.

ElisaDay – Inner War

ElisaDay – Dark Queen

ElisaDay – Inner War

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