Legendary Italian death metal band ELECTROCUTION have just released a video for their track “Divine Retribution.” The song is taken from their album Psychonolatry which was recently released via Goregorerecords.

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Legendary Italian death metal band ELECTROCUTION have teamed up with No Clean Singing to stream the entirety of their new album Psychonolatry. The album will be released this Friday via GoreGoreCords.

The site commented “The album truly is extravagant, a shock-and-awe campaign of Technical Death Metal carnage that changes from moment to moment, veering wildly into different tempos, different rhythmic sequences, and fast-morphing fretwork patterns, yet always somehow coalescing, returning to the main through-line riffs within each song before your brain becomes thoroughly scrambled like eggs in a searing pan. And each song is accented in different ways that help keep a listener glued in for the full trip.”

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Italian label GoreGoreCords (A sublabel of Aural Music) is set to release Psychonolatry by legendary Italian death metal band ELECTROCUTION. The album, which is the band’s first in 5 years, will be released on CD, digital and vinyl on Feb 8th 2019.  Originally formed in 1990, the cult band has toured all over Italy with the likes of Death, Carcass, Motorhead and many more. 

The band commented “We are proud of this new musicial chapter. We have left an important mark on the past and are committed to ensuring that this mark can remain indelible.  Composing and recording these songs was challenging and, at the same time, natural and fun. We wanted to make an album that’s solid, violent, fun to play and listen to. We believe we made it!”


01 – Psychonolatry (The
Icons of God and the
Mirror of the Souls)
02 – Hallucinatory Breed
03 – Bulåggna
04 – Warped
05 – Of Blood and Flesh
06 – Misanthropic
07 – Malum Intra Nos Est
(Seneca I century AD)
08 – Divine Retribution
09 – Organic Desease of
the Sensory Organs
10 – Bologna
11 – Premature Burial (rerecorded)

Electrocution – Divine Retribution

Electrocution – Psychnolatry

Electrocution- New Electrocution album is coming

Electrocution – Under The Wings Only Remains

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