Edge of Destiny

Edge of Destiny

Magic happens when kindred spirits come together in a cross pollination of music styles. There is the familiar theme of the common and then the edge of difference that draws it all together to create what can only be known as Edge of Destiny.
The hard driving drums of Stan Petraitis, coupled with the percussive bass stylings of Astrum Lux Lucis lay the perfect foundation for this bridge between Modern, Active, Alternative, Hard and Progressive Rock. The progressive rhythms and layerings of guitarist Gustavo Arcq shape and color the sound for singer Kraevin Caedo’s powerful vocal stylings to shine through on hook-laden melodies.
Although Edge of Destiny is in its infancy as a band, Kraevin, Gustavo, Astrum, and Stan are long standing veterans in the music industry with a cumulative history of over 35 years combined. Edge of Destiny stands to be joining the ranks of some of today’s top national acts in no time at all.
Their 1st single, a solid hard rockin’ cover of Pat Benantar’s “Invincible” drops April 26th, followed by a growing calendar of national tour dates. Be sure to catch them live for what will certainly be an engaging powerhouse show.
Kraevin “the Siren” Caedo – Vocals
Gustavo Arcq – Guitars
Astrum “FC Commander” Lux Lucis – Vocals/Bass
Stan “Stanimal” Petraitis – Drums

Edge of Destiny – Invincible

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