Dropping Like Flies

“Irreverent”, “Hilarious”, “Heavy as f**k” and “too heavy for us butty” Just some of the terms used to describe Dropping Like Flies over the past 4 months. Formed in the lockdown of 2020 from the breakup of Welsh punk legends 100,000 Bodybags. Once they called it a day after 29 years and 11 months and founding members Simon Cullen and Craig “Brewer” Bruzas continued to write, sneaking time together illegally during lockdown in a kitchen or garage, hiding from nosey neighbours and dog walkers in order to write and rehearse a set of new original material. With bass and drums recorded on 12 new songs in November 2020, a new guitarist was recruited, with Brian Meade joining as the 3rd member of Dropping Like Flies.

After battling Covid Lockdown laws and then Covid itself, it wasn’t until August/September 2021 that Dropping Like Flies were able to finally play live together with an appearance at The Landed Festival(‘s acoustic stage) and over the remainder of the year the band made up for lost time, playing at least 2 gigs every week up to the new year creating a real buzz everywhere they played. At the same time, work was completed on the album with 3 singles launched and a full LP of 12 songs mixed and ready to release, Dropping Like Flies are ready to kick on in 2022 and take on the world using a unique mixture of Hard Rock riffs, insightful political polemic and a warped sense of humour that will either have you laughing out loud or running for cover while covering your Nan’s ears.

The first three singles were launched across all major streaming sites

  • Papers Please (Still No Better) – A Ukelele lead acoustic folk/rock song with an ear worm chorus and lyrics that deal with the advent of global fascism
  • Game Over Man – A balls out hard rock blast with lyrics that look at the futility of conspiracy thinking. If you’re correct, then it’s already too late.
  • The Vet With The Melted Face – A catchy blast through the surreal landscape of one man’s battle with the nature of reality

Dropping Like Flies have the debut LP “Trigger3391133” ready to release and have already written enough original material for a 2nd LP.

A unique and powerful live experience not to be missed, as happy and comfortable playing a 30 minute local support slot, as playing a 90 minute headline set of original material, Dropping Like Flies plan to take 2022 very firmly by the balls and make it our year.

Dropping Like Flies – The Vet With The Melted Face

Dropping Like Flies – Game Over Man!

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