Driftwood is a multi-disciplinary artist and a storyteller. He is a Producer / Singer Songwriter / Director / Editor.

I’ve always loved music. My old man gave me a guitar when I was a kid. I was exposed to a lot of different styles and genres living overseas. I remember coming back to Sydney and I would be rapping in cyphers with friends but then I’d be singing with my guitar – folk songs and old classics in my bedroom on my own and adding my own raps to the end of them.

People who’ve inspired me the most are the artists who are speaking their truth and have something to say. I’ve always been inspired by the spirit of the song more than the quality of technique. Influences are too many. To name a few – My all-time favourite would be old Gospel. After that, would be Drill, Rap, Folk and the list goes. I’m inspired by life, movies, people, strangers, friend, foes, love, pain, architecture, poetry, painting, symmetry, physics, astrology, philosophy. Anything that provokes emotion or thought. All the norms.

Driftwood is from Sydney, Australia.

Driftwood Ft Still Greedy – Bremfields

Driftwood – 20 Blocks

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