Doomsday Outlaw Interview

Doomsday Outlaw Interview

Interview with Phil Poole Vocalist with Doomsday Outlaw and Pete Devine of Pete’s Rock News and Views (

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to have a quick chat with Phil Poole from Doomsday Outlaw, before their gig at The Muni Arts Centre Pontypridd, supporting Graham Bonnet Band with Gin Annie UK also in support. (all live photos by P Devine)

PD: Tell us about Doomsday Outlaw and how you got involved with the band.

PP: Well the lads had been going for a couple of years before I joined, they had a another singer. I’d had probably 18 months out of singing, I’d kind of jacked it in really. I’d fallen out of love with it really. Then something just grabbed me one day and decided that I wanted to be in a band again. So I put an ad on Join My Band, just saying I’m a singer looking for a band and luckily Indy (Bass) got in touch and I went done for an audition, (that was probably about 3 years ago now) and it’s all been going great guns since then.

So I joined and then 9 months later we put out our first album, well the first album with me anyway, which was “Suffer More” and a couple of weeks after that came out we got signed by Frontiers. So it was all moving at a pretty quick pace.


PD: Frontiers have scheduled a worldwide re release for “Suffer More” later this year, that has to be great news?

PP: Yes, November the 9th, and you’ll be very impressed that I got that date right lol. Yeah, that’s really cool, obviously that was the album that got us signed, so it’s nice now that we have Frontiers behind us and that they decided they want to re release it, so it will be interesting to put that out there cos we still play a lot of tunes from it. We love that album, we put everything we had into it, so it will be great to get that out there to an even wider audience.


PD: You mentioned that you put everything into “Suffer More”, how difficult was it to follow that?

PP: It was only difficult in the sense that we wanted to do something better than we had done before. Obviously, we got signed literally 2 weeks after that album came out and Frontiers said that they wanted an album from us as soon as possible. And we got into writing for “Hard Times”, we wrote about 30, 35 songs, maybe even more for that really. All sort of like demoed, then we sent a lot of them off to Frontiers to see what they thought and the first lot we sent away there was like half of them that they were happy with. We kept going back in and recorded a few more. They were very patient with us and gave us that bit of space and freedom. Cos again they were on board with the idea that there’s no point in just putting an album out for the sake of it. We wanted it to be an improvement and also show progression and I think you can see that progression in the 2 albums.


PD: So what has the response been like for “Hard Times”?

PP: It’s been really great, again it’s been overwhelmingly positive, which has been good. Obviously it came out whilst we were on tour with Jizzy Pearl (which was amazing) We had a bit of time off for the World Cup.


PD: I did read a few posts about that.

PP: Yeah, we sort of left that period free, so the album came out, we did the Jizzy Pearl tour, which was amazing and then we had about 6 weeks off. And now we have the Graham Bonnet tour and we’ve also just announced a tour with Wayward Sons in November, really, really looking forward to that. There’s a lot of stuff coming up in October which is still to be announced.


PD: Would there be any headline dates?

PP: Yeah there’ll be a few headline shows in October, I believe and December as well, not as full a tour, but certainly some headline shows around that time, in between the support tours. So we have a lot going on between now and the end of the year. There’s quite a lot planned for next year, obviously it’s stuff we can’t talk about at the moment. We have a lot of irons in a large number of fires. There’s a lot to be announced over the next few months.


PD: Getting back to “Hard Times”, what do you feel is the stand-out track on there, what track sums up Doomsday Outlaw?

PP: I would say that the album as a whole is very strong, I think, again, we’ve had an amazing response and depending on whoever you talk to, you’ll get a different answer as to the strongest track.

I think “Will You Wait” might be a favourite of mine.


PD: It’s quite an epic track, I love the power and emotion on it.

PP: Yeah we thought that, it was the last song to be written and funnily enough, so was “Suffer More” for that album. They’re both in a similar vein, 7 minute epic, with a lot going on. We kinda thought that because that was the last song we wrote, it sort of finished off the album nicely, it kinda put the final piece of the jigsaw together really.


PD: It really is a masterful track, it seems to have everything in it and your vocal performance is outstanding.

PP: Yeah I was really pleased, I’m happy with that, it’s a shame we don’t get the opportunity to play it live that often, I mean it’s the time constraints, there’s just not room for a 7 and a half minute song, you really want to get as many songs in there as you can, to give people the biggest idea of your sound. It will be nice to get to a point where we can play that a bit more often.


PD: I feel that my favourites on “Hard Times” are “Will You Wait”, “Spirit That Made Me” and “Into The Light”. 3 very different sounding tracks that show the depth that Doomsday Outlaw possess as writers. Tell us more about the beautiful “Into The Light”?

PP: Yes, thank you for that. I mean, they’re all personal to me, I write all the lyrics. “Into The Light” is very much ‘my song’ if you like? It’s a funny one, because I wrote that and recorded it on my phone, I’d had a few beers and I think I sent it to Indy about 2 in the morning. I said, “well I don’t know what you think about this song that I’ve just written? I’m not sure whether it’s a song for us or not?” Cos I tend to write a lot of songs for me you know. The other lads heard it and they loved it too, they just left me to get on with it. You see I play the piano on that and do the strings arrangement as well. So that’s another one of my favourites on the album definitely. It’s a nice change of pace for the album. It does show the variety that’s there in the band’s musical influences and the different styles that we like. We all like a lot of different styles of music, so if you listen to the album from start to finish, you can pick up on those varying musical styles.


PD: Planet Rock have added you to their “Ones To Watch” section, did that come as a surprise?

PP: We are really chuffed with it, we’ve been getting played on the New Rock Show, Wyatt’s show for the last 6 or 7 weeks. It just gives us the opportunity to get our music played to a bigger, wider audience, which is obviously the main thing that you want. So we’re really happy with that and long may that continue.


PD: What song do you wish you’d written and why?

PP: Ohhh, I mean that could be….. Off the top of my head and I mean this could be something that will change every time. My favourite singer of all time is a guy called Terry Reid, who almost no one has heard of, it was someone that my dad introduced me to. Interesting story about him. He was the guy that Jimmy Page originally asked to be the singer for Led Zeppelin, well The New Yardbirds as they were going to be. So he was the first person that he (Page) asked and he turned it down. I’d say to anyone out there, go and find as much by Terry Reid as you can. There’s a song by him called “May Fly” that might be the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard and it’s the only song that I’ve ever heard that makes my dad cry. So yeah, I love that, go check him out.


PD: You may have already answered this, but who is your Rock God?

PP: Yeah, that may be different. One of my biggest vocal influences would be Chris Cornell, as someone who has been lucky enough to see him live a couple of times, once with Soundgarden and once with Audioslave. It’s just his voice, it just has a peculiar effect on me. There’s something amazing with his voice, it’s something I could never get tired of.


PD: What is your proudest moment in music?

PP: Again, really, off the top of my head, I’d say that there’s a couple quite recently. so jointly I’d say: We Opened up the Sophie Lancaster Stage at Bloodstock a few weeks ago. That was amazing, just because, again, it was the crowd and the response that we got. It was so good to be on a stage of that size in front of a crowd that size. That was just really special.

And then a couple of weeks before that, my little boy came to see me sing for the first time ever. It was his 5th Birthday the day after, so it was his first festival and I got my mum to bring him along, so, yeah, it was his first time seeing me sing. She got a brilliant little video of him dancing along as I was singing. That will stay with me forever that.


PD: Any message for the people out there?

PP: Just thank you really for listening to us, coming out to see us, for parting with their hard earned cash to buy our CD’s and everything and support us. Because again that’s why you do it, when you’ve created music as a band, you want to get it out to the widest audience possible and seeing people’s response. Putting smiles on people’s faces and getting that feedback from them when you’re playing. It’s that feeling that keeps you coming back and doing it time and time again.

We’re all the same, when you start out,  we all have those first few years or however long it is of touring all over the country, sometimes to only 10 people but then you keep coming back or sometimes you’re only playing to the other bands, but again you keep coming back. It’s that being on stage and wanting to play that keeps drawing you back in. And then when you finally start to get that little bit of recognition and people coming out to see you, it’s a nice feeling to actually start getting somewhere, so cheers for coming to see us really.

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