Diveradiant (Belgrade, Serbia)
‘Devotion & Fidelity EP’
(Post-Metal, Drone Metal, Shoegazing, Doom metal, Slowcore, Groove metal, Alternative Metal, Ambient)

Release Date: May 20, 2023
FFO: Pallbearer, Triptykon, Meshuggah
Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Diveradiant is a solo metal/ambient music project formed at the end of 2010 in Belgrade, Serbia. Genre and sound defines influence of mainly instrumental and atmospheric pieces of post-metal, drone metal, experimental metal and many more… Sound is blended through massive and heavy guitars filled with different atmospheres of guitar effects, layers and tunings. The main concept is the dark atmosphere and story about modern society, which relates its connection between reality and its own destruction.

Album story: The idea of the album started in 2021, the first song Distinctive Nature was also recorded after the first single of the same name back then… The continuation of the album production followed in November 2022, when I released a single called Devotion, after releasing the single, I continued working on new material and completed the material I had already started. The idea of EP is to be controversial and concise at the same time. Many genres blended into one, such as post-metal, drone metal, shoegazing, slowcore and groove sound. The conclusion on the subject may vary from individual to individual, however what is at the core of the whole concept is based on human behavioral nature, as well as his internal struggle between belief in something more, as well as destruction, primarily the destruction of himself. The incentive for different thinking can be seen through the texts themselves. I have to mention that this is also my first album with vocals, which I did myself.

Diveradiant – Devotion & Fidelity

Diveradiant – Absence EP

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