Disaster Machine

Disaster Machine

Disaster Machine is a Hard Rock band formed on September 2010. The band is conformed by Luis “Toto” Castro on drums, Alfonso de la Huerta on the bass, Arturo Silva on the guitar and Carlos “Fox” on vocals.

Disaster Machine takes to the stage the spirit of rock n’ roll that never get’s tired to deliver all their strenght and energy on every single note they play. The style and sound of the band has been very well accepted by a wide range of audiences never minding their age or musical taste.

Their first album -recorded at Cicuta Records´ studios- was presented on June 2012 at the Rock & Road Concert Hall in Mexico City. The 11 themes of this record were inspired by the dark and fast sound of their classic heavy metal influences. Over 2000 copies were sold on a promotional tour around the Mexican Republic.

Disaster Machine has been the supporting band of  Paul Di Anno, Los Concorde, Inspector and Silverio. The band has also performed at mexican rock festivals like Moto Fiesta Léon, Biker Week Acapulco, Rock Fest Tijuana and Rock Fest Irapuato.

The band is currently promoting their new EP called “Disaster Machine II” and their new videoclip of the single “Go Baby”. The album contains 5 tracks with a hard, energetic and defiant sound. This record is the living proof that Hard Rock isn’t dead and a new wave of rockers is coming.

Carlos Fox (Voice)
Arturo Silva (Guitar)
Alfonso de la Huerta (Bass)
Luis “Toto” (Drums)

Disaster Machine Go Baby

Disaster Machine – Easy

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