The core philosophy that drives the 5-man team of DESPYRE is the combination of 2 emotions that forms the basis their name, despair & inspire. It’s their effort to encourage, through driving, melodic, and hard hitting music those who have struggled or lost hope and have reached a point where life has lost its spark. They strive to re-ignite that fire…. or as they define DESPYRE, “To have once given up all hope, which in turn motivates or compels the passion to do something profound, prolific and exceptional.”

DESPYRE hails from Suffolk County, Long Island, N.Y., and is made up of seasoned musicians who’ve been influenced and cultivated in the shadow of the long traditions of N.Y. heavy metal. From Biohazard & Life of Agony, to Type-O Negative & Suffocation, to Overkill & Dream Theatre, the members of DESPYRE endeavor to tap those inspirations while creating their own unique contemporary sound with crunching guitar riffs, pounding bass & drums, and melodic vocal melodies, delivered with a balance heart stopping screams and notable choral styling. They have been compared to a variety of current bands from Five Finger Death Punch, to Volbeat and even Disturbed, but its noteworthy to mention DESPYRE has a sound, that though technically in the alt-metal genre, is truly all its own.

DESPYRE was formed in 2015 and after catching the ear distinguished metal guitarist Joey Zampella of one of Brooklyn’s greatest exports, Life of Agony. They were invited straightway to his Nest studio in Merrick N.Y. to begin recording their debut EP, “Irritation” under the direct tutelage of Joey Z personally. In anticipation of their release, and by word of mouth alone, DESPYRE has been invited to open for band such as DevilDriver, Death Angel, Gemini Syndrome, 9 Electric, Drowning Pool, Loudness, Winds of Plague, The Agonist, All That Remains, and a host of other established acts. They have also answered the call for metal showcases promoted by Mr. Don Jamieson, of VH-1’s That Metal Show, who has called them simply one of his “favorite new bands”. Dan Nelson of Anthrax/Wolf Pack Black/TRED fame has called them,” hard hitting and unrelenting” & “a very welcome addition to the metal scene in NY, and in my opinion…. worldwide in the very near future”.

Despyre – EP Irritation teaser


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