Closure is a collection of songs written over a timespan of a year, where the band wear their heart on their sleeve, offering vulnerable, emotionally driven music with heavy hitting stories grown from personal experiences. Through this EP, which encapsulates all the band’s creative influences of Emo, Pop Punk and Hardcore, you will be taken on a journey of honest and relatable truths that every person may have felt in their lifetime.

‘Closure’ already has received an explosive response from listeners, with over 70,000 views on YouTube already. With the big release of the EP today it can only be expected to grow in success.

“I want people to be able to relate to what I’m saying. These songs are no longer ours; they belong to the listeners and to anyone that connects with them.”

The 5-track comes a year after Vocalist, Jacob, joined the band, in which they decided to wipe the slate clean of any music prior and start again. When writing the EP, Jacob wrote from the heart and stressed how important it was for listeners to relate to every word.

“I’ve only ever been able to write about personable experiences. I really respect songwriters that write about hypothetical or non-personal experiences, but that’s just not me. Everything on this record hits really close to home.”

 The record progresses as it moves along a more ambitious and sonically diverse sound. It’s heavy, then it’s melodic and it’s easily accessible to a neutral listener.

“These 5 songs encapsulate defeatist. Every single one is sonically different, but all tied together through the song writing. There is an underlying theme of loss and growth that the record focuses on.”

After recording had finished, Adam and Olly decided they would be leaving Defeatist to start their own project. This decision influenced the EP’s name ‘Closure’, and the departure of these two members hasn’t gone amiss and will not be in vain. As a newly announced 4-piece, with new bassist Ben, the future hasn’t looked this bright for Defeatist in a long time. Although this is just the beginning for Defeatist, Closure is the end of an era for the band.

Defeatist – Changing Seasons

Defeatist – Skin Deep

Defeatist – Mother

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