Deep Torkel And His Suzie Beats Them All

Torkel ”Deep Torkel” Knutsson revitalizes scandal sleaze rockers Suzie Beats Them All with a new album

Torkel Knutsson alias Deep Torkel is a musician and multi-artist. As a director and screenwriter, he created the Netflix hit Naked (2017) and next year his new Hollywood movie Get Lucky will premiere. But his roots are in punk rock.

After releasing the 4-vinyl box set I Love Dead People (Erik Axl Sund Records, 2018), one of Sweden’s most ambitious and craziest record projects ever, Deep Torkel is back with his 90s sleaze rock band Suzie Beats Them All.

Suzie Beats Them All was founded in 1988 as a ”supergroup” with original members from acts as The Stoodes, Leather Nun, Cortex and Man Klan. One of the founding members was Swedish rock icon Freddie Wadling.

The band’s history is all about chaos and scandals. They were booked for a major tour in 1990-91 but did only three gigs under their own name. After shows at Underground rock club and the Hultsfred Festival, their performances were forbidden by the police due to sexual acts on stage and generally disturbing behavior linked to sex, blood and violence. Suzie Beats Them All became the main news in the Swedish media, was heavily criticized by religious and political groups and the remaining tour was canceled, even though the band did a few gigs under other names.

Thirty years after the band’s founding, Deep Torkel decided it was time for a big comeback with a reincarnation of Suzie Beats Them All. Inspired by The Stooges’ Raw Power, he recorded Drugs Party Pussy & Pain with musicians from classic Swedish punk rockers Bitch Boys, Bizex-B and British punk legends The Boys, as well as Wilmer X, Johnny Thunder’s Band and Ingo & Floyd.

From the first look of the album cover till the last tune echoes out in your (damaged) eardrums, it is pure, raw power. Dirty rock ‘n’ roll as in a polygamous marriage between The Stooges and Alice Cooper, Blue Öyster Cult and a young Guns ‘n’ Roses.

All references aside, it does not sound like anything else. Just a little dirtier.

Drugs Party Pussy & Pain (Erik Axl Sund Records) will be released on Friday, November 13, in an exclusive edition of a gold-colored vinyl with a bonus CD, and digitally on most platforms.

As an appetizer, the single Fat City will be released digitally on November 3.

Suzie Beats Them All, line-up from 2017:

Deep Torkel (Torkel Knutsson, The Stoodes) – Vocals, percussion.
Micke 2Much (Michael Timren, Bitch Boys, Johnny Thunders Band) – Guitar, bass
Perra Poison (Per Isaksson, Bizex-B) – Guitar, sitar
Mikael Gaefke (Monaco Blues Band) – Drums
Johnny Dunder (Stefan Björk, Wilmer X) – Bass
Duncan Reid (The Boys) – Background vocals
Anna Thorsson (Ingo & Floyd) – Background vocals

Deep Torkel And His Suzie Beats Them All – Fat City

Deep Torkel And His Suzie Beats Them All – Mother

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