Deep Love Foundation

Deep Love Foundation

Got A Reason is the brand new release from Deep Love Foundation out on the 09/10/2020

Got A Reason is the brand new release from Deep Love Foundation. The thinking behind the track was having a reason in life, a reason to live, love and go on. You can definitely hear influences from the big classic rock giants but this track still manages to sound unique and fresh. This is the kind of tune you’d have playing whilst driving down route 66 in a convertible Ford Mustang. The track was recorded at Rockfield Studios, a place steeped in music history and Deep Love Foundation have taken it into the future.

Deep Love Foundation are out to make rock and roll relevant. With big, bouncing personalities, they’re here to lay the foundation for a world that’s built on deep love. Combining sharp blues riffs with punchy stadium-rock vocals, DLF brings together the foot-stomping power of bands like AC/DC with the modern progressive punch of Foo Fighters.

Released on 09/10/2020 on all streaming services 

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