Deathroll – Why Is Your Name On The Deathroll

Deathroll – Why Is Your Name On The Deathroll

Japanese DEATHROLL– single “Why is your name on the Deathroll?” (19 February 2022, Self-release)

DEATHROLL come from Japan and play Black Metal enriched with classic Heavy Metal and NWOBHM parts. They instantly bring to mind bands in this style like Sabbat (Japan), Abigail (Japan), Barbatos (Japan) as well as classic Black/Heavy Metal/NWOBHM legends in the likes of Venom, Bathory, Bulldozer and Hellhammer!

Everything is draped under the veil of darkness DEATHROLL have put in their music. But DEATHROLL have also technical death metal influences, and so you will get to hear in their music references from DEATH – and especially from their after “Human” LP period – and in addition to that even more technical parts (particularly on the bass) like the ones we got before from Deeds of Flesh.

“Why is your name on the Deathroll?” is the band’s new single. Although the title comes in English, DEATHROLL use the Japanese language for the song’s lyrics. Japanese language sounds totally sick when used in black metal music and this is a huge plus for DEATHROLL!!

The band’s mainman Kazu has some of the sickest vocals in this style and he keeps on casting his spells on a steady pace throughout the whole song. This makes it even more imposing and keeps the attention of the listener on every second of the song.

The band’s latest full length “A Sick Life” was released in 2019 so we are not sure if “Why is your name on the Deathroll?” is part on an upcoming release or not, but the song is a true underground black/heavy metal gem! Listen to it now for yourself and search for the band’s other releases. DEATHROLL is a truly noteworthy technical black/heavy metal band from the Far East!

Review by Mr Athens 79

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