Death Cult Electric

‘’Lucifer in the Sky with Diamonds”
Black Maraca Records
Symphonic Distribution

Welsh alternative noise quartet DEATH CULT ELECTRIC unleashed their next phase in world domination for their single, ‘Lucifer in the sky with diamonds’ released via Black Maraca Records with full distribution by Symphonic Distribution.

Death Cult Electric were tasked with inventing their own brand of hyper distorted alternative rock, showcasing what modern Rock music could, and should be. “Lucifer in the sky with diamonds” is the latest example of their hallucinogenic chaos articulated in sound. With a song length of 3.16.666 seconds, and mastered to a Loudness measurement of 6.66 LuFS…….. They’re sound is reminiscent of a violent colorful milkshake. Schizophrenic vocals are boastfully proclaimed over fuzz guitars which begs the question, how much more fuzz could this be, and the answer is none. None more fuzz.

“Our higher powers tasked us with writing actual real rock songs. They stated that if we wrote the same love song that every rock band has done for the last 40 years, that we would be punished. So far they are pleased with our progress….”

Conceived in Cardiff, Wales, U.K and fronted by Steffan Pringle producer/Mixer responsible for HIMALAYAS, ESTRONS, MCLUSKY,and featuring Thomas Beedim,Craig Shankland, and Adam Zool Thomas (Ex-members of Exit international and Estrons). Death Cult Electric have already paid their dues within the Alternative Rock scene. 

Love them, or hate them, they are definitely making up for the lack of innovation in rock music,  DEATH CULT ELECTRIC are leading the charge with their own brand of dystopian noisy rock, leaving you wondering if you heard the name right, DEATH CULT ELECTRIC. A name determined by a mysterious panel pulling the lever on a cool band name generator.

 DEATH CULT ELECTRIC are Steffan Rhys Pringle, Thomas Craig Beedim, Trashman Shankland and Adam Zool Thomas. Watch the video for debut, ‘DELETER”’ HERE

“There’s something that heavy music never gets praised for and it really should, there’s a true art to creating music that’s sonically aggressive, very violent whilst still maintaining core elements of making music appealing, it’s a hard thing to master! These guys do it like it’s not even a thing! Absolutely incredible. D.C.E are as aggressive as they are catchy” – Alex Baker, Kerrang! Radio

“Exists to serve no other purpose than to ignite utter chaos wherever it goes” – Jack Saunders, BBCR1, Next Wave

“Death Cult Electric, the Welsh supergroup,” – John Kennedy, Radio X

“From Cardiff, obsessed, with this, this is Death Cult Electric” – Huw Stephens, BBC 6 Music Recommends

“We are delving over the Welsh border to a brand new band, Death Cult Electric” – Elise Cobain, Amazing Radio & Amazon Music

“Dystopian noise rock n roll 4-piece unleash new sonic chaos with visuals inspired by David Lynch” – Gigslutz

“DEATH CULT ELECTRIC keep providing crazy air thumping bangers” – LOUDER THAN WAR

“This is insane. It’s like some combination of The Hives. Mindless Self Indulgence, Marilyn Manson, and it makes me want to start sprinting at people in the street” – Some random guy on youtube

Death Cult Electric – Lucifer in the Sky with Diamonds

Death Cult Electric – Snakes And Their Children

Death Cult Electric – The Fineprint

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