David Cowan

David Cowan

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David Cowan is a keyboardist from Clydebank, Glasgow

At the age of 15, David joined his first band Rich Spirit and it was here that he developed his skills in songwriting, recording, and live performance.

This band had various incarnations going from Rich Spirit, to The Vandelles, to finally Vinyl Play.

The band recorded their debut album UNDER THE FLIGHTPATH, which was released in 2010.

In 2011, David decided to leave the band to pursue other projects.

David still keeps in regular contact with his former band mates, doing recording sessions for drummer Jamie Henry and vocalist Ryan McGavin’s Country project Gravel Tracks.

He also performs with Vinyl Play bassist Simon Phillips with his wedding band The Jets periodically as a session musician.

From there, David joined the JPhunk Quintet, a 5 piece Jazz/Funk band playing music from the likes of Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, which rapidly increased his knowledge of playing at the highest level playing exceptionally difficult pieces of music and working with some of the finest musicians in the country which included Bassist Sam Firth (The Nimmo Brothers), and Drummer Gary Montgomery (Ray Harris)

shortly after that, David joined his first blues band..The Resonators.

The Resonators was purely a pub covers band but a band he really enjoyed being part of as this band would later become something even ‘bigger’ – The Sensational Alex Harvey Experience.

In 2013, David performed overseas for the first time, playing in Marrakech, Morocco for 6 weeks in a 5 star hotel with musicians in the band coming from all over the world. This was a great education for David and one he cherishes a lot for the experience he gained there..

David also attended North Glasgow College from 2013-2016 and qualified In both NQ, and HND level for Music Performance & Business under the guidance of Ted McKenna, who was better known as a professional rock drummer in bands such as The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Rory Gallagher, and The Michael Schenker Group.

At that time, Ted became a huge Influence in Davids career, as he rapidly became a fan of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band and currently plays with tribute The Sensational Alex Harvey Experience.

David has also worked with SAHB bassist Chris Glen with his band The Outfit for a few years.

Working with Chris was a big deal for David at the beginning…working with one of his heroes and performing SAHB songs on an almost regular basis in parallel with SAHE..but lack of gigs further a field led David to make the decision to leave and once again pursue something different…

This would all change right here because in 2017, David was approached by another SAHB legend to collaborate on his latest project..

Guitarist Zal Cleminson contacted David to help co-write and record material he had been working on while living in Cyprus and of course David happily agreed.

Zal knew David was in a SAHB Tribute band and had attended a few of their shows over the years and really enjoyed them.. so much so that he asked them to be his band..and after a few rehearsals, the band was working and Zal had a band…SIN’DOGS.

Since the summer of 2017, Zal and sin dogs recorded a self titled 3 track EP, performed a UK Tour, and  released their debut album Vol.1. They toured throughout the UK as well as at various festivals and European Dates in 2019.

David recently formed his own band The ENND and still performs with  The Sensational Alex Harvey Experience…

David Cowan – Nebulosa

David Cowan – Out Of The Dark Trailer


David Cowan
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