Darkening Skies

Darkening Skies

Fueled by their desire to create and perform their own original music, Darkening Skies was formed in March, 2014 by Shaun (guitar) and Mike (bass), weeks after having met while auditioning for a local cover band. Thanks to a fortuitous craigslist ad, Germ was added to the lineup on the drums a month later.

The band spent the next three long years of their history auditioning potential singers and additional guitarists, with no luck, but chose to stay active and stay busy, continuously writing new music in the hopes of finding a lead vocalist to back.

As an instrumental power trio, the band spent most of 2015 writing, recording, and rehearsing. Shortly after New Year’s Day, 2016, Darkening Skies released their demo via YouTube while simultaneously launching their own channel.

After completing their full lineup by welcoming Julius on vocals in spring 2017, Darkening Skies played their debut show on September 29th, 2017 at Addy’s Sports Bar & Grill in Manassas, VA, opening for King Hitter. An independent band, they have begun producing and recording their debut EP, ‘Jump Off the Bridge…And Live!!!’, due for digital release in early 2018.

Darkening Skies – Unbroken

Darkening Skies – Jump Off The Bridge…and Live!

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