Dark Letter

Dark Letter

The inspiration of Dark Letter is a music that oscillates around the broadly defined gothic. Sometimes rock/metal intersperse with sounds of horror music. Lyrics tell about violence, fear, despair and craving. Erich Fromm said that evil is not only human, but it is also tragic. These words could describe the conception of Dark Letter’s world.

Dark Letter has been established in Upper Silesia (Poland) at the end of 2014 as the initiative of Małgorzata Antosz-Konieczna who plays the keyboards. The band debuted in 13th March 2015 in Rock’a Club (Gliwice, Poland) at the second edition of the Rock-on Fest. In 2015 band has played many gigs, for example with Iscariota, Dance on Glass, This Cold. 26th September 2015 – There was a premiere of the first EP release. “Psychomachia” contains four compositions plus a bonus track. Tomasz Wiśniewski (the band ‘Afterlife’) has contributed to the track “Toy” as a guest voice . The mini album has received possitive review from webzines: RavenHeart Music and BloodArt.

In 19.02.2016 Dark Letter has appeared on R-E-T Fest 2016 in Trinec (CZ) and 20.08.2016 on Svibické PIVNÍ Slavnosti in Český Těšín (CZ). 13.08.2016 band has played on Temu Misiu (charity concert) in Leśniczówka (PL) together with Calladorn, Horroscope, Iscariota, Batalion d’amour, Anja Orthodox. 08.10.2016 has played on GothFest in Bielsko-Biała together with Cemetery of scream, R-E-T and Stelarius. Band has played the concerts with Lilith (Gothic Night, Poznań), Monolight and Dark Side Eons.

Dark Letter’s member:

Beata Golińska – vocal
Jarek Jędyczek – vocal
Kamil “Krieg” Kriegel – guitar
Małgorzata Antosz-Konieczna – keyboards
Bartosz Nowicki – bass
Paweł Niedziółka – drums

Dark Letter – Romasanta

Dark Letter – Przeklety Sen

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