Cyanide 4 – Amalgama

Cyanide 4 – Amalgama

CYANIDE4 – “Amalgama”- (2022, Perris Records, U.S.A.)

  1. The Secret Doctrine
  2. Warlike Fellow
  3. Perfect Sensation
  4. So In Vain
  5. Bonafide
  6. Tragic Flaw
  7. Alter Ego
  8. Not a Perfect Circle
  9. Redeemer
  10. Unknown Momentum
  11. Barred & Scarred

Diving right into the matter at hand, the third and most recent release by the Cyanide 4, entitled “Amalgama”, begins with the song “The Secret Doctrine”. A mood and pace setter, the album’s opening track makes all the necessary introductions to the band’s sound and gives a taste of what the album will be like. Even if you haven’t listened to the band again, by the first song you will know that you will get 3 things: rock ‘n’ roll, glam attitude and catchy tunes. And the Cyanide 4 take great care in producing and delivering these things.

The “Amaglama” is a vibrant, uplifting Glam rock record with a pretty straightforward sound. There are some heavy metal ideas in the sound of “Amalgama” that add heaviness, but other than that the Cyanide 4 move on a straight glam rock path, expressing the old-school sound, only shaped for the current scene. Such an example is the track, “Not A Perfect Circle” that shows clearly that more modern sounding approach. Yet in my opinion, the album’s best track is the “Redeemer”, an exciting, powerful song, with an absolutely engaging chorus that gives the impression that the whole album was building up to this moment.

The Cyanide 4 present a sound that, although, has a certain background and there are some slightly visible influences, it is altogether of their own shaping. It feels and sounds fresh, without sacrificing those distinct features of the Glam genre. Cyanide 4 take the Glam rock sound to a new era.

So, if I had to describe the album with just one phrase, I would call it “to the point”. It is a ripe work from a band that has shaped its sound and style. It pays tribute to the old-school sound without being stuck in the past. The “Amalgama” is made fit for the current scene and offers an exciting, rock ‘n’ roll experience that you should not miss.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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