CROSSON – Ready, Aim… Rock!!

CROSSON – Ready, Aim… Rock!!

CROSSON – album ‘Ready, Aim… Rock !!’ – (9 September 2022, Galaxy Records)

  1. United
  2. Stop Pretending That You Love Me
  3. Fallen From Grace
  4. One Way Love Affair
  5. The Way It Is
  6. Ready, Aim… Rock!!
  7. Take on the World
  8. Love Is Endless
  9. Roll The Dice
  10. Afterlife

With their newest and most recent work, Crosson prove once and for all that they are a force to be reckoned with. Their album, “Ready Aim…Rock”, was released earlier in September, with the band bringing back into the scene’s foreground their distinct glam/stadium rock sound.

At this point in time, most of the bands in the glam rock/metal scene they either try to relive their youth or they are making one final stand just to prove that the genre is not dead. Now, I have to admit that before listening to the Crosson, I would side with the opinion that the glam scene nowadays rarely produces something fresh and worth listening to. Then, I came upon the Crosson’s most recent release and I was blown away. I can’t phrase it any other way. The “Ready Aim…Rock” feels and it is a breath of hope for the genre.

The “Ready Aim…Rock” begins with the song “United”, and you just can’t but fall in love with this song and its catchy, melodic, Bonnie Tyler-inspired melodic lines and its engaging chorus that makes it perfect for live performances. Crosson do a great job setting the pace and the mood with the “United”. They focus into delivering catchy and exciting glam and hard rock songs, full of energy and excitement, maintaining that level of quality all throughout the record. The ‘80s era plays an important role inspirationally, and the songs and sound can feel very nostalgic at times, like the track “The Way It Is” that brings to mind the Journey and their song “Heat of the Moment”. Still, Crosson’s sound, although nostalgic, is absolutely fresh and shaped by the standards and demands of the current rock scene.

Now, if it is fist- pumping, uplifting, catchy stadium rock anthems that you are looking for, then the sixth and newest studio album by Crosson is the one you must check out. The “Ready Aim…Rock” punches you- in a good way- from the first opening chords and erupts with highly addictive, catchy and exciting rock tunes and melodies that I guarantee you will play on the repeat for quite some time.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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