Cowboys From Hell

Cowboys From Hell

COWBOYS FROM HELL accelerate with unstoppable Prog, Funk and Jazz on “Running Man”

A man runs. Fits probably more to the vocabulary of the sport. Otherwise a boring picture at a time when everyone is running anyway. But running can mean a lot. Running away from something or anyone. Step up the pace, speed up. Or constantly moving forward at the top level, never calming down, thinking extremely, acting extremely, living extremely. Running is therefore also a metaphor for our entire existence: As long as our heart is running, we also run. Standstill inevitably means the end. It is quite possible that the COWBOYS FROM HELL think that way. Not for nothing they call their third album “Running Man”. At first glance, the Fusion masterpiece which will be released on 02.11.2018 through Double Moon Records sounds like the logical continuation of their once brutal sound avalanches, for which there were such drastic comparisons in the media as «music that is always able to frighten your grandmother, but which also tells stories that are worth telling», as Jazzthetik wrote or aptly formulated by the Schweizer Tagesanzeiger as «music for the pit of the stomach». But somehow body-injuring noise, booming ears, throbbing skull membranes and vibrating walls no longer seem to be the sole beatific goal of the high-speed cowboys. They didn’t want to be as crass as they used to be, saxophonist Christoph Irniger described the surprisingly multi-faceted development process of the trio documented in nine songs. When he, bassist Marco Blöchlinger and drummer Chrigel Bosshard did it especially the hard way in the past, it meant being wild at any price, complicated and full of biting humor. Of course, these things still have a certain significance for the COWBOYS FROM HELL. But now they don’t have to show that they can play really difficult stuff like 11/8 or 7/4 bars. They now want one thing above all, finally to be authentic.

Undoubtedly a maturing process of the three men, who in 2018 have either reached the limit of the thirties (Irniger) or have already reached the early forties (Blöchinger and Bosshard). Since 2005, the COWBOYS FROM HELL have been riding through the Swiss and European countries as tough wild west musicians who can hardly be ignored and bustle around in very different areas of the music scene. Chrigel Bosshard and Marco Blöchlinger, for example, are regarded as the mainstays in Pop bands such as Lunik, Marc Sway, Steffe La Cheffe or Myron, while Christoph Irniger enriches Jazz clubs and festivals with his trio or the group Pilgrim. A constant, restless back and forth between the genres, between styles and melodies, quotes and influences. Each musician interpolates his personal favorites and abilities, such as good old Jazz by Monk at Christoph Irniger or those of the other two, who are familiar with Pop and Rock music despite their well-founded Jazz education. In Chrigel Bosshard’s vita, there are jobs at Shakira or Bonaparte. Not least because of this, the three Zurich based are once again taking quite a risk. They break with conventions and clichés, emphasizing exactly what not so long ago subdivided the music into good and bad, valuable and superficial, exciting and routine, free and regulated – but this time much more subtle, fine and lasting. COWBOYS FROM HELL think out of the box, don’t think twice, whether steaming Funk grooves, smoking Rock cannons or bubbling Electronics fit into an improvisational corset. They just give it a try. With sometimes quite amazing results, reminiscent of film music written by Frank Zappa or Rage Against The Machine due to their dynamic shades.

Of course, the three COWBOYS FROM HELL are still loud and wild. That’s what comes naturally to them. But now it’s no longer all about making a racket as a characteristic feature. The common more compact playing attitude is in the current center of the collective wishes. A controlled eruption in which songs like “Brechstang”, “First Song”, “Speed Of Sound”, “Wicked Game”, “Urbi Et Orbit”, “The Slope”, “I’ll Be Fine”, “Vintage Baby” or the title song blaze the trail from the volcano down into the valley. When everything has calmed down, when the lava has cooled, then suddenly there is a piece of previously unheard, fascinating music in the wide landscape. „Running Man“ is an adrenaline-filled instrumental delight that is finally available internationally from November on.

20.12.2018 CH-St. Gallen, Grabenhalle
22.12.2019 CH-Jona, Zak
01.02.2019 CH-La Chaux-de-Fonds, Les Murs du Son

Christoph Irniger: Saxophone & Effects
Marco Blöchinger: Bass & Effects
Chrigel Bosshard: Drums

Tracklist “Running Man”:

  1. Brechstang
  2. Running Man
  3. First Song
  4. Speeed Of Sound
  5. Wicked Game
  6. Urbi Et Orbit
  7. The Slope
  8. It’ll Be Fine
  9. Vintage Babe

2018 Running Man (Album) | Double Moon Records
2012 Big Fish (Album) | Double Moon Records
2008 Monster Rodeo (Album) | Altri Suonit

Record Label: Double Moon Records |

Cowboys From Hell – Barechstang

Cowboys From Hell – Running Man

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