Counting Crows – August and Everything After

  1. Round Here
  2. Omaha
  3. Mr. Jones
  4. Perfect Blue Buildings
  5. Anna Begins
  6. Time and Time Again
  7. Rain King
  8. Sullivan Street
  9. Ghost Train
  10. Raining in Baltimore
  11. A Murder of One

Counting Crows debut album 1993’s ‘August and Everything After’ is one of those albums that the more you listen to, the more you ‘get into it’.

Starting with ‘Round Here’ it immediately hits you that there is something special about lead singer Adam Duritz’s writing ability. He doesn’t so much as sing a lyric it is more like he is telling his therapist his problems, totally unashamed to reveal the inner emotions he is feeling, drawing you in with his honesty and pain. Tracks like ‘Omaha’, ‘Perfect Blue Buildings’ and Sullivan Street’ all reveal the inner thinking of a man struggling with life. Hating the past and being scared of the future.

But the album does have its brighter side, tracks like ‘Mr Jones’ and ‘Rain King’ are quite uplifting whereas ‘Anna Begins’ will bring you to tears as you hear about the uncertainty of love and commitment. ‘Raining in Baltimore’ and ‘A Murder of One’ are simply just jaw-droppingly good, no, I mean it. You must listen to them.

This is an album filled with beautiful, deep, emotional songs, wonderfully played and oh so honestly revealed to the listener. The poeticness of the lyrics will hit you, the performance of each song will hit you harder.  It is an album that you will want to play over and over again. The type of album that you force your friends to listen to, and they become grateful that you did.