Hailing from Melbourne and fronted by British-born Glenn Patrick, Collegians brand of bittersweet alt rock blends pop hooks with brooding, dark synths, culminating in a sound which echoes the past though maintaining a contemporary grittiness and urban ambience. Glenn’s raw-throated vocals, sweeping from melancholy to manic, tell stories of isolation and desperation, hope and desire. Formed in 2014, the band inked a deal with label Cultivator Records in 2015 and began working on tracks for a debut album. Now after a couple of years fine tuning the writing and production, the four-piece group’s debut track “Vaccine” will be released, with a succession of tracks to follow. Live performance is essential to the Collegians and has always been, since all members have years of playing behind them, at both a grassroots level and beyond. As they prepare to deliver their songs to a wider world, they are keen to channel their energy, previously contained to the studio, into a live experience. ‘We all got into music because of the connection it makes with other people, no matter where you are, what you’re into,’ Glenn said, ‘Music is such a blend these days that an audience reflects that. We just want to get onto that emotional level with crowds, and with whoever gets into the music. It’s all give and take, and we’re looking forward to the possibilities that lie ahead.’

Glenn Patrick – Vocals / Guitar
James Leigh – Keyboards / Bass/Vocals
Vince Leigh – Drums / Vocals
Gerry Leigh – Guitars / Vocals

Collegians – Vaccine

Collegians – Killer

Collegians – Black Mass

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