Cold Irons Bound

Temper Down
Golden Robot Records
Release: 8 September

COLD IRONS BOUND release single ‘Temper Down’, album ‘No Place I Can’t Find You’ out now on Golden Robot Records. 

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Cold Irons Bound’s latest single, “Temper Down” is a poignant exploration of the theme of isolation in a small town, a departure from the bustling city, and the emotional toll it takes on relationships. 

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This track is a standout from their album, ‘No Place I Can’t Find You’, which was released on June 2nd by Golden Robot Records. With its hauntingly melodic yet introspective tone, “Temper Down” encapsulates the feeling of being lost in the vastness of rural life after leaving the urban chaos behind. The song weaves a narrative of longing and regret, resonating with anyone who has ever sought a change only to realize that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Cold Irons Bound’s ability to blend classic heartbreak themes with an alternative country rhythm makes “Temper Down” a deeply relatable and emotionally charged musical experience.

“Temper Down” is a testament to Cold Irons Bound’s songwriting prowess and their ability to tap into the universal human experience. With its evocative lyrics and soulful melodies, the song is sure to strike a chord with listeners, transporting them to the bittersweet landscape of a small town where dreams and reality collide. Cold Irons Bound’s exploration of these themes in “Temper Down” showcases their musical maturity and depth, solidifying their place as a band with both artistic vision and emotional resonance.

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Ostensibly hiding in plain sight other than to an astute few up to this point, the third Cold Irons Bound record, No Place I Cant Find You” shines a profound light on one of Australia’s most melodic bands. This is the sound of an outfit endowed with the savvy tunefulness of Americana and the soul of a scruffy rock n roll bar band. These tunes have weight and are delivered with heart. They are pensive and defensive in equal measure and enduringly memorable as a result. The record is shot through with joyous jangle, open letters, songs that offer thanks and songs that shout at the sky. 
Mark Adams – guitars and vocals
James Alderman – drums and percussion
Ben Carter – guitars and vocals
Sam Fiddian – bass and vocals

Cold Irons Bound – Temper Down

Cold Irons Bound – Conversation

Cold Irons Bound – I Wasn’t Thinking At All

Cold Irons Bound – Exchange The For You

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