Cloudside is an Alt/Rock band formed in early 2015 comprised of seasoned musicians from San Diego, Los Angeles and Mexico. Cloudside’s attention to depth in songwriting set them apart from most rock bands of the modern era. Cloudside mixes the darkest of human emotions with the brightest, from soft piano ballads to huge rock opera anthems.
 Following a long line of troubled rock frontmen, lead singer Jeffrey Jackson has had his share of demons. Returning to the band recently after parting due to mental illness in 2016, the singer songwriter has an approach to music that one can only describe as kubrickian. He’s known for weaving multiple themes or unique concepts lyrically into a single song. Which, when partnered with a back line of extremely talented individuals, becomes quite the treat for the ear.     
  Cloudside celebrates their sophomore release “IOLA” on April 7th 2017 The album is set to hit all major online stores by May 2017, just in time for summer!                      

Cloudside – Receivers

Cloudside – Colorblind

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