Childhood Sweetheart

Childhood Sweetheart

This Manchester five-piece offer up their own acerbic brand of indie-pop that pulls no punches and takes no prisoners. Formed by a chance meeting in a Northern Quarter dive bar between Childhood Sweetheart frontwomen Sammy and Sophie they Bridged the gap between grit and glamour

Their debut single ‘Honey’ works not so much an introduction to Childhood Sweetheart, but as a statement of intent. A brooding alt-rock offering that oozes sass and swagger in equal measure, it’s a dichotomy of sweet and sour that seems to embody the band perfectly. Described by frontwoman Sophie Osman as a “bittersweet anthem for disgruntled lovers trying to find a way out, it’s an intimate confession of my disdain for complacency and commitment.”

In that sense Childhood Sweetheart, much like the relationships from which they take their name, have two sides. One full of piss and vinegar, harbouring a fire in its belly and a take-no-shit attitude straight out of the ‘90s. The other a softer side, no less in touch with its emotions but more fragile in their delivery.

Indeed, though they might not have played a gig yet, Childhood Sweetheart haven’t so much as emerged as exploded; a fully formed band with a message that, in 2020 especially, needs to be heard.

Childhood Sweetheart – Honey

Childhood Sweetheart – Honey (acoustic)

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