Chez Kane – Interview

One of the best parts of my job is getting out there and seeing the bands and artists on my site performing live and giving it their all. Sometimes I am lucky to meet them and steal some of their valuable time for a quick interview. On Saturday 30th April I was very lucky to manage to talk with Chez Kane before her Saturday headline slot at  Station 18 Festival, held at Hangar 18 Music Venue Swansea.

PD: How would you describe yourself as an artist?

CK: Okay, I grew up loving 80s music, I love Def Leppard and stuff like that. So, when I started with KANE’D we kind of wanted to take a new spin on it, so we did like 80s with a new edge. But then I got discovered by Frontiers Music and Danny Rexon from Crazy Lixx and we’ve gone back to the beginning a little bit and I would now describe it as 80s, kind of like your Vixen, a bit of Def Leppard in there. There are so many influences from the 80s in my music, it’s unbelievable.


PD: So, obviously you’ve already mentioned a few, but who are your musical influences?

CK: Well, I’ve got others, I’ve got quite a few. So, I love 80s obviously, but I also love a lot of ranges of music. I think once I hear something if I like it, then I like it. So, I love bands like AlterBridge, stuff like that, a bit heavier. So yeah, I’ve got a massive wide range of influences.

PD: Are you the kind of person who, once you hear something that you like by a band, that you then have to seek out all that band has recorded in the belief that you would like that too?

CK: Yeah usually, I am yeah.


PD: Who inspired you to take up music?

CK: Music is in my family, so I was literally born into it. There’s no escaping it when you’re born into it.

PD: Yes I can see where that would be impossible in such a musical family as yours.

CK: So, my dad’s a singer, my sisters are singers, obviously, my grandparents have been in bands. So it just started from there. No escaping it, it’s my life and I love it.


PD: What is your favourite song to perform live?

CK: Well, I’ve only done 1 show as The Chez Kane Band so far and one of the highlights was probably ‘Rocket On The Radio’, because the crowd participation was awesome. I’ll go with that one.

PD: Are you playing it tonight?

CK: Maybe..

PD: Of course you are..

CK: Yes of course I am.


PD: What would you say has been your proudest moment in music?

CK: Proudest moment in music? I would say, being discovered and getting signed to Frontiers was a massive highlight. I was getting to a point in my career where I was thinking, is this going anywhere? I was thinking of changing career completely. Honestly, and then all of a sudden, I had this email out of the blue from Danny Rexon and Crazy Lixx, asking if I was up for giving this project a go and obviously it was right up my street.


PD: What are your thoughts on the success of the debut album?

CK: Crazy… Just Crazy. It’s weird when you put your own project out because you never know how it’s going to go. So, when we released it, I was quite nervous, I didn’t know how people would receive the album and how it was going to go down and it has just been amazing. It has just been a dream.


PD: What would you say was the most important thing that you learned from recording the debut album and did you do things different for the follow up?

Ck: Maybe to take it easy on myself, because I put a lot of pressure on myself. I’m a perfectionist and when I was recording the first album I was like, it’s got to be perfect. I was doing a take and I would just want to do one again to make it perfect, even though everyone was saying that it was just fine. So, I kind of learnt that for the next album. And with regards to the sound of the second album, we are going along the same kind of route, but with a few little surprises here and there.


PD: What is the second album called?

CK: I can’t say right now but keep an eye on my social media because things are coming sooner than you think.


PD: Can you tell us about the recording process, how the songs were written etc.?

CK: When Danny messaged me, he already had this plan that he was going to be doing this project, he was on the hunt for a singer, and he went on to find me on YouTube where I’d done a YouTube cover. He contacted me and I said yes. So, basically it was in the middle of a pandemic which meant recording the album was a bit difficult and I had to do it at home, in my home studio and then Danny was doing it over in Sweden and then we were sending stuff back and fore. But we got there in the end.

Danny’s written all the songs and I kept it that way for the next album because he just has that touch.


PD: Does he write the songs specifically with you in mind or were they already there?

CK: The first album was a mix, some of them were Crazy Lixx songs that didn’t get used for their albums and then he did some writing as well. With this album, he has concentrated on me a bit more.

PD: I suppose some songs just need a strong female vocal rather than a male one.

CK: Yeah, I think that’s what he felt with some of the songs, and it has worked out really well.



PD: I see that you have a few hectic months regarding gigs and touring. You have the Monsters of Rock Cruise, HRH Ibiza, gigs in Islington and Wolves with Crazy Lixx and then there’s HRH AOR, Rocking The Bowl and Fiendfest. Quite a busy schedule. Do you enjoy touring?

CK: I love it, but I don’t love the logistic planning beforehand. That’s a challenge.

PD: Who is responsible for that?

CK: Me, I do all of it. I do everything from booking the travel, to merchandise everything.PD:


PD: Do you have any must do’s or have’s when you tour?

CK: Ooh I don’t know, just looking after myself. I’ve got to eat right, I’ve got to make sure I’m training. I’ve got to really look after myself, it’s the most important thing when you’re a singer.

PD: How is the voice today, I saw the video on social media where you were steaming with a towel?

CK: I think it’s okay today, but if this gig had been last week it would have been touch and go.


PD: Are there any bands that you look forward to sharing the stage with?

CK: I love sharing stages with any bands, because seeing a band yup there doing what they love doing and putting their heart into it is just amazing. And it’s nice to be on with other bands because we’re always gigging at the same time, and you don’t get to see them. Very excited to gig with Crazy Lixx next week.

PD: I can see what you’re saying just from this weekend’s festival. It seems like all the bands are best mates having a catch up.

CK: Oh 100 per cent yes. Especially in Wales, we all have a good chat backstage and everybody’s lovely


PD: Will you be playing any of the new songs tonight?

CK: No unfortunately…I know I know, not yet


PD: It’s been fantastic to chat with you today, thank you so much for your time. Where can people learn more about you and buy your music and merch from?

CK: So, obviously if you come out to a gig, I will always have merchandise at my shows. I also have a shop online as well which is a Shopify shop. So, if you just search Shopify Chez Kane you will find it and if you want to stay in touch with me on social media, I’m on Instagram, Facebook. Come and hang out, come say hello to me, I love it. Thanks Pete.

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