Chase Tremaine

Chase Tremaine

The Indie Rock Of Chase Tremaine

It can be sometime before coming across some real deal quality Indie Rock these days. There is so much out there it can be intimidating at times. After coming across Unfall by Chase Tremaine, it  became clear there is some great stuff out there amongst the masses. Like Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, you can kind of tell Chase has guitar shredding ability but keeps to writing catchy tunes that show his fun as a player here and there. The album is packed with powerful melodies and sticky choruses but what really makes this so good is that Tremaine wears his heart on his sleeve the whole time. A very upfront lyricist and songwriter combined with some cool riffs and songs worthy of hitting repeat a few times, Unfall has layers to it. Here is what Chase had to say about the record:

“The marriage of complex rock and catchy pop accomplished on this album is almost unreal to me; it’s greater than anything I ever thought I would be capable of,” says Tremaine of creating the record. “And it’s constantly being affirmed by fans, whose favorites are frequently the newest songs: ‘Search for Myself,’ ‘Matter,’ ‘Honest Tree,’ and the album closer ‘Unfallinlovewithable.’ If ‘Search’ becomes a successful single, that would be all the sweeter, since nothing about the song was a hackneyed attempt at creating a single or a ‘song for radio.’ In fact, the original acoustic version of this song came very easily and naturally to me, so I would absolutely love to write more songs like it.”

Chase Tremaine – Matter – Guitar Playthrough

Chase Tremaine – Honest Tree

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