On Monday 9 March 2020, Belgian metalband CHALICE ( released its music video for the song “DWELLING”.  The song is taken from the new EP ‘Lost Connection’, an independent release.

“DWELLING” brings us into the mindset of a homeless drug addict. It’s a song about constantly dwelling the streets, the inability to find a suitable position in our society, and the constant struggle to numb the pain with drugs.

This 5-piece was born in March 1998, so the band sure has a history. The only remaining founding member is bass player Chris Lagrange. After merely one year of writing their first songs, they performed live for the first time.

So there were quite some changes in the line – up: people left and people joined the band, but the need to make brutal, extreme metal fueled the guys to go on. Different line ups resulted in playing different kinds of metal: death metal, thrash, Swedish styled death metal and occasionally a flair of black metal.

The band is unsigned. All of their releases are self- financed. ASHES OF HOPE, their latest effort, is very representative for what CHALICE stands for nowadays: diversity in songwriting, fewer riffs, thoughtful lyrics and a killer, modern production.

Their music is hallow and versatile. It’s all about rage, speed, groove and melody. Some call it death metal, some call it thrash metal, some call it tight played musical terror. Their music is  adrenaline and emotion!

Their lyrics are about disappointment, pain, fears and the ugliness of life. They are about human behavior and humans anyway… being their own worst enemy.

Their shows are therapeutic, brutal and somewhat wicked. Songs are sometimes played full on….hair loose and teeth together, sometimes withheld and eyes closed…. about to burst.

Vocals : Pieter
Guitar : Tim
Guitar : Nicolas
Bass : Chris
Drums : Niels

Chalice – Dwelling

Chalice – Why

Chalice  – Musings on the Bank

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