Alchemy – Out Feb 11th
Release: 11 February 2022

“The creation of Alchemy has been one that has taken a few years to come to fruition, due to the stage & challenges of the modern world, but with that, we feel like the subject matter & music is more relevant than ever dealing with subjects such as addiction, the loss of a loved one, personal growth & even finding that light at the end of the tunnel.

Being the band is now going on two decades of making music together, Alchemy is the first album putting newest member Amanda Marie Bourdon on lead vocal duties. Amanda joined during the recording of Caveat’s last album Consummation showing a glimpse of her vocal potential with songs like Misunderstood & Seven Jackals. This time around Amanda steps into the limelight as the main vocalist, which still shares vocal duties with Greg Musgrave, but offering a new & fresh take on the Caveat sound taking the listener to uncharted territories that have turned out amazing.” – Caveat

For fans of Megadeth, Unleash The Archers, The Agonist, Meshuggah, Opeth, Cynic, Devin Townsend

Album Title: Alchemy
Release Date: February 11, 2022
Label: Self-Release

Track Listing:
1. Silver (7:03)
2. Alchemy (7:08)
3. Infinite (6:44)
4. Black Mirror (7:06)
5. Ghost (8:35)
6. Until Dawn (5:55)
7. Zero Hour (7:21)
Album Length: 49:54

One of the most definitive things about Caveat’s sound in recent years is the addition of Amanda Marie Bourdon on vocals, leading to a duality with Greg Musgrave, which offers an aural dynamic that sets them apart from their peers: the ability to go from soft crooning to rip-your-face-off aggression, which is showcased in the upcoming release. According to the band, “Alchemy” has an almost soundtrack vibe to it, which separates it from anything that they’ve done in the past. They explain further:

“We are hoping that it will be received well. This will be the second album featuring Amanda Marie Bourdon, who first appeared on our last album Consummation adding her vocal talents on select tracks. This time around, Amanda’s voice has been utilized much more, she has been the front-woman of the band, which is a very different dynamic from Greg being the main lead vocalist since the inception of the band. That said; Amanda’s performance on the album will speak for itself, we think fans will really dig it.” 
“Alchemy” is completely done in-house by the band, it was produced and mixed by guitarist Joe Sikorski and mastered by drummer Casey Rogers. It will be the fifth addition to the band’s discography.

Caveat is one of the longest-running metal bands in their home province of Alberta  and was formed in 2001 by Greg Musgrave with the intention of creating a band that could pull off both a full-on ‘metal’ set, as well as be able to go play a more laid back contemporary set of more eclectic material, but under the same band name with the same members.

Caveat – Infinite


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