Since August 28, the Helvetic corsars have been presenting their music video for the title song of the debut album “Surrender Or Die”

It just doesn’t matter whether the five bright privateers from CALAROOK enter stages or auditory canals, because no rum barrel remains full.

With extremely fiddly violin pranks, wildly scrubbed guitar thunder, commanding bass barrels, explosive drumming and stormy growling, the lively Helvetians produce exactly the special variety of PIRATE METAL that massively animates to celebrate, mosh and head bang.

Sovereignly balanced and jaggedly mixed with infectiously playful folk metal parts, rabid death metal reels and sometimes a pinch of wonderful nonsense – CALAROOK fires an endlessly captivating seafaring sound that leaves no one standing still or even sober.

After the foundation in 2014, their own songs were eagerly written by those involved. In 2017, the no less humorous bullies board the genre with the lively EP “Calico”.

The wind and direction were still good for the sworn team and this gave the long-thirsty breakwaters the opportunity to prove their extensive skills at the established Ragnarök Festival in Lichtenfels.

So it goes full steam ahead for CALAROOK – the enormously content-rich debut album “Surrender Or Die” will be launched on September 11, 2020!

Calarook – Surrender Or Die

Calarook – Invisible Pinapples

Calarook – Surrender Or Die (album teaser)

Calarook Kraken’s Chest

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