Cabaret Aberrante

Cabaret Aberrante

Cabaret Aberrante was always there, in my head. There was no other way to release my anger and hate. I appreciate my life and freedom. If it wasn’t for my creations, I would be a criminal. They help me to move forward and look into people’s eyes containing some of the anger that lives inside me.

My passions are sex and violence, not always separately and, it has been like that since I was 13. I already learned how society works and the gears that sustain our community, imposed by those who tell to the majority what they have to do and in what way. My work are the perversions of mind in this context.  Everything that appears in Aberrant Cabaret, exist. They are ideas that I have materialized artistically, the result product of what the destructive human brain is capable to do when the sadism imaginary comes out.

I was born in 1985, under a Christian name, Fernando Martín. Therefore, I was raised under a faith that I quickly banished. When I was 14, I founded my first individual extreme metal project, called Sodomía Necrófaga (Sodomy ghoul). Everything was self-produced, as all I do nowadays. There were three recordings: Infancia Caníbal (Cannibal Childhood), Degolladero Maloliento (Smelly Slaughter) and Sodomía Necrófaga (Sodomy ghoul).

I arrived in Barcelona in 2009 and I became part of some video artist and sexual extreme theatrical performance collectives. Along with Manuel Blanco, we created the musical project Cabaret Aberrante, under the same premises, but this time with a direct formation and giving more importance to the visual part. Juan Francisco Mora (the Chilean Torturer) joined the group playing the bass. Once we got the dynamic going on, we started to do concerts and, soon enough, we gave birth to the first CD. Like that, in 2010, we released “Death Metal Show”, 10 cuts with two intros.

In 2012, we released a demo called “La Família Aberrante” (Aberrant Family), a previous work that would help us to create another CD in 2013, “Matadero de Zorras” (Slaughterhouse of whores). Thanks to the main music video “Se venden putas muertas” (Death whores for sale), it gained popularity for the explicitly of the sadism and pornographic contain. But as well for the capacity of culminating the essence of the project.

Juan Francisco Mora left the group and Rafael took his place as bass guitarist. He participated in some concerts but soon he left the group, as well as Manuel. After that, we got two new incorporations, Yann Amarok as drummer and, Jordy Rodríguez as guitarist.

After practically renewing the whole band, in 2016 arrives “Sadism Post Porn”: 8 songs, 40 minutes of pure illness and violence glorification. In one year Yann leaves.

Finally in october 2018 “Removing the misery” borns. 45 minutes of genuine misanthropy and misogyny, that it is what we offer right now with Base Record Productions.

Cabaret Aberrante: Brutal Gore music from Spain. Violent lyrics that convulse on a wrecking and loudly cathartic base.  An indigestible brutality that won’t leave you indifferent.

Cabaret Aberrante – Bañada en sus excreciones

Cabaret Aberrante – Coronada con vísceras

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