Bury The Traitor

Bury The Traitor

Derby born metal core quintet BURY THE TRAITOR will release their new EP ‘Ascend To Clarity’  on the 14th February 2019. The band made their return for the festival season in 2017, playing incredible sets at Macmillan Festival in Nottingham alongside other festivals and live shows to showcase their new material. 

“We finished recording ‘Ascend to Clarity’ in February 2018, so we have been sat on the release for some time. The excitement to finally put it out is overwhelming. To coincide with the release, we have had new logos made and new videos; it’s been a lot of work and even harder knowing it wont be released for a while, but the wait will be more than worth it! Hopefully not just for us but our fans too”

For fans of Architects and Bury Tomorrow, ‘Ascend To Clarity’ may only be six tracks long but the sheer power of each breakdown and the intricacy of the song writing in every track is undeniable. BURY THE TRAITOR prove their material is better than ever, with the production of the record speaking for itself. This isn’t empty music, it means something. It means something to the band and BURY THE TRAITOR hope it will also resinate and mean something to its listeners. With the British metal core scene being at it’s peak at the moment BURY THE TRAITOR are definitely heading in the right direction to be the next big name amongst the greats.

‘Ascend To Clarity’  is self-released on the 22nd February 2018.


Oli Heaton Loewenbach – Lead Vocals
Martyn Sheridan – Rhythm Guitar & Vocals 
Scott Day- Lead Guitar Martyn Emmett – Bass 
James Cordall – Drums

‘Ascend To Clarity’ EP track listing:

1) Embers
2) Season To Burn
3) A.S.I.F
4) Heads Down, Thumbs Up
5) Lion VS Wolf
6) When Lust Dethrones Loyalty

Bury The Traitor – A.S.I.F.

Bury The Traitor – Heads Down, Thumbs Up

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