Brooke Burgess

Brooke Burgess

Release Date: Oct 31, 2021
FFO: Metallica, Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Monster Magnet

Written and produced during peak lockdown 2020, ‘SHADOWLAND’ (from DADBOD: The Album) draws upon Burgess’ award-winning fantasy/horror pedigree (Broken Saints, The Cat’s Maw, Becoming) to weave a dark and grimy spell on all who dare listen. It’s a rock and blues-soaked howl at the blood moon, with pirate kings and demon lovers locked in a dance to the death. And after hundreds of stomping and snarling live shows, this is Burgess’ ode to Cash, Cave, and their fellow storytelling legends brought to life. And though this double-album project throws every genre and style at the wall, Shadowland is the bold and beating heart at its centre.

Working with indie American guitar and production god MATT MILLER (Saccharine & Cynanide – based in Sweden), mastered by acclaimed Dutch engineers WHITE SEA STUDIOS, and featuring powerful backing vocals from Chrystal Leigh (Sons of Daughters – Nashville) — SHADOWLAND is a timeless swamp-rock fable with intense layering and real narrative power. And with a sound that seems destined for film and TV, perhaps that’s why Burgess teamed up with beloved Argentinian video artist ALFIEARG to create the track’s haunting short film.

Released in July 2021, DADBOD: The Album kicked off with ‘Best Friend’ — a fun and funky summer anthem that ‘s been streamed and viewed over 200K across platforms — but now it’s time to go HARD. And that’s where SHADOWLAND comes in!

Imagine Nick Cave and Johnny Cash throwing down on the set of True Blood, and you’ll have this epic swamp-rock fable – SHADOWLAND! But be careful what you wish for, as this creepy Halloween treat is based on Burgess’ award-winning YA fantasy/horror novel THE CAT’S MAW.

Produced by Sweden’s Matt Miller, with haunting background vox by Nashville’s Chrystal Leigh, and mastering by acclaimed Dutch talent White Sea Studio, SHADOWLAND was written, performed, and video-directed by Burgess as the narrative standout for his double-album debut DADBOD.

Brooke Burgess – Shadowland

Brooke Burgess – SUPERBOO

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