Broken Links – Replicas video


Broken Links

Broken Links’ Mark Lawrence (Vocals/Guitars) is back, this time to give us his thoughts on their  ‘Replicas’ video:

Broken Links – Replicas video


REPLICAS – “Identity is a beautiful thing. Have one. This a catch-all for anyone or anything wasting time plagiarising the identify of someone/something else or following some trend. What’s the point? It can’t be maintained forever, spend time creating your own identity. Anyone or anything fake, is exposed in the end.”

 This is the first video we’ve made off the album which is 100% made by us. We shot it all on my iPhone 8 & edited it up over a few nights! It was a lot of fun because we were winging it quite a bit, and we could basically do anything we wanted to do, there was no-one there telling us “no , you can’t do this”! It’s a kind of extension from the song, which picks holes in the fake-ness of some in society nowadays, and zeros in on the negative things that likely make people this way!


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