Broken Links – Pioneer video


(May 2nd 2021 – May 8th 2021

Broken Links

As our Artist Of The Week this week is Broken Links we thought it would be a good idea to hear Mark Lawrence (Vocals/Guitars) thoughts on their brilliant ‘Pioneers’ video:

Broken Links – Pioneer video

PIONEERS – “This song is about all the people out there that truly believe in something and are bravely defiant, continually fighting till what they believe in is accepted by society. These people are paving a better future for us all.

We’re talking about EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. We all have our own challenges and problems we’re trying to conquer, some in public and some in private. With perseverance, hard work, and bravery, we all will succeed.”

 We were a bit shafted when it came to making the vid for Pioneers because the whole country was in lockdown and the band weren’t allowed to meet up or leave the house! We didn’t want to delay the album release though, so we ended up using an online music video creation tool called ‘Rotor’. You can build a video up choosing clips from a huge database of stock footage, and you can upload your own clips, so we got our partners to film us stood against a wall in our houses and threw them in for a personal touch. In the end, Rotor was so easy we made a few more videos for the album using it, which we’ll release at a later date! Firstly though, we’ll release the ones we’re making ourselves!


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