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Broken Jaw

Broken Jaw

Based in Gloucestershire, England, Broken Jaw first came together in mid-2012 when members Nutzie Shelley (Vocals) and Lee Stockwell (Guitar) met at a friend’s house party.

They quickly decided to combine talents and wrote the band’s first four tracks in their bassist’s work warehouse.

After gigging up and down the country for the last 4 years, headlining at many a well-known venue and supporting some established acts, they gained a big reputation for being a “rowdy party band” with the tag line’s “Too Punk to be Metal and too Metal to be Punk” and “Welcome to the #BJparty”.

This has seen the band accumulate a vast and ever growing loyal fan base; from fans of all types of genres, across the country and even overseas in Ireland, America, Germany and Norway.

The band (now in their 5th year) is currently recording their debut album “Hope” with a plan to release it later this year

Brand new single Constant Ignorance is accompanied by a hard-hitting video to raise awareness for – and help to stop – domestic abuse.

The song is about the drastic effects of being governed by someone else’s words or actions and bending to their every will, even if you don’t want to.

No matter how much you wish, hope or pray that it will change, unfortunately it won’t unless you do something about it. The song is comprised into three sections (lyrically) and is broken up into “you” you need to do something, “them” they need to do something and lastly “we” we need to do something. This puts across the point that “you are not alone” and that actions have consequences.

The song has received a massive following during the Broken Jaw live show, with the quiet section having people chant and sing along to the words “We’ll walk away” which causes a unity and fun bonding atmosphere. This is something that the band really thrive upon so it is understandable that people want to become part of that atmosphere and moment when they play.

The video accompanies and encompasses these ideas and morals, bringing it closer to bands hearts and experiences that some of them have had to face in their lives. They decided to enlist the help of Lion Island Media to assist them with their idea to do a video which helps raise awareness against domestic abuse and Violence of all kinds. The band had the idea to use genderless animals as victims to desensitise the modern day viewer until right at the end of the video. As soon as they remove the masks, to no longer blind the viewer from the fact that these are actual humans in unnerving circumstances, it then makes the viewer think about what they had just seen and question why until the messages promoting both:

The band played an epic set at the recent Amplified Festival near Cheltenham which was one of the highlights of the weekend!

Broken Jaw – Constant Ignorance

Broken Jaw – Beneath My Skin

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