Broke Body

Broke Body

Broke Body just dropped their new EP “Bleed” and it’s a definite soiree of garage pop fun. Starting off with the title track “Bleed”, you get caught up in their instant pop style within seconds. Loose and grungy, it winds up and down through tripped out rock and 70’s guitar riffs. “Cold Hands” is their hit and it isn’t hard to tell why. A radio pop rock song, you immediately want to find out where it goes and it doesn’t let you down. One of the catchier songs on the EP by far. “Nowhere” is a guitar filled jam out that also feels as if it’s from the 70’s. “Drive!” is slightly devious until that chorus drops and then it’s terrifically drawing. A definite rocker, this EP has pretty much everything you want from today’s indie rock with a twist. This record is a must! 

Here is what the band said about the record:

 “The Bleed EP is the first thing we made together we felt comfortable standing behind and sharing. Our friends at Evergreen Audio in Philly really supported us through the process of recording and mixing. They helped us dial in the distinct tones and sounds that we wanted and add texture in the recordings and it was an incredibly fun and rewarding process”

Broke Body – Bleed

Broke Body – Cold Hands

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