Bright Curse

Bright Curse

French Heavy-Psych Trio BRIGHT CURSE Joins Ripple Music, New Album Coming May 2019.
Preparing to deliver on the promise of their 2016 album Before the Shore, heavy psychedelic trio BRIGHT CURSE has signed with US purveyors of riff-heaviness Ripple Musicto bring the band’s latest mesmerizing slab to the world.
Bright Curse formed in 2012 with an ear toward weaving heavy rock (in its most classic form) together with tendrils of bluesy doom and trance-like psychedelics.
They quickly released their debut EP and embarked on a series of tours and festival appearances, including a slot at Up in Smoke in 2013 and a co-headline tour with brothers-in-riffs Elephant Tree through Europe in 2015.
With the release of the stunning Before the Shore album in 2016, Bright Curse earned massive recognition on a global scale.
The band established themselves on the road with intense touring and hit festival stages atHellfest, DesertFest Berlin and Keep it Low, and the likes of Metal Hammer called Before the Shore, “a refreshingly uplifting blast of gutsy, 70s-inspired stoner rock, played with passion and high energy that puts the power back into the classic power-trio formula.
Following the dissolution of their former label, Bright Curse found new enthusiasm for their take on riffage at the US bastions of all things fuzz-fueled, blues-laden and guitar forward, Ripple Music.
“Working with Ripple is just gonna be rad, having a label that really cares for its bands, that motivation will make the difference,” says frontman/guitarist Romain Daut.  “We’ve got loads of friends working with them, and I can already see all the crazy parties we’re gonna have on tour.”
Of the upcoming new album, he adds, “It’s a come-back to a doomier version of Bright Curse, more like the first EP.  The songs are a bit longer and more developed, each relates a story, and all of them work together to create some kind of tale. I didn’t want to just have another heavy album, so we added some “exotic” instruments and I think it serves the story really well.  But I don’t want to say too much about it yet.”
Be on the lookout for spring tour dates and an official release date for the new Bright Cursefull-length in the coming weeks!  (And get an advance peek at the cover art below:)

Bright Curse – Cheating Pain

Bright Curse – The Shore

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