Borderline Toxic

Borderline Toxic

So, the band was formed right in the thick of lockdown in Spring 2020. We figured if gigs weren’t happening and we were bored shitless, then we may as well have something to focus on and have something to emerge out the other side with.

Kerry Glass (singer/songwriter), from Scotland but based in London, was introduced to Norwegian Henrik Fossen (drummer/producer) by Sheffield-born Pete Ray Biggin. Pete and Henrik, both drummers and producers in their own right, go way back from working together on Pete’s album for his funk band PBUG.

Together we worked with each other remotely to write an EP within the space of a year, meeting up only once just before the second lockdown for a day in the studio.

Kerry & Pete, having spent the first part of 2021 in Bali, were able to bring together wicked Indonesian and Venezuelan musicians (Farley Hallatu on bass and Jordan Vegas on Guitar) to record our very first music video as an introduction to the band.

We dropped our debut music video, a rock cover of the RnB Classic “Let Me Blow Your Mind” by Eve and Gwen Stefani in August. This was shot in an abandoned theme park in Bali, Indonesia with Henrik shooting drums in an old church ruin in Norway. 

We have since introduced a new Guitarist to the band, Belgian born – and absolute force – Quentin Roelandt (aka The Q), who will be performing and writing with us going forward.

Whilst we started with the band in different parts of the globe, now that we have emerged from the fuckery of lockdown, the band will be primarily London based and made up of Kerry Glass (vocals), Henrik Fossen (Drums/Producer), Quentin Roelandt (Guitar) with Pete Ray Biggin continuing to be involved in the songwriting going forward. We are still on the hunt for the right badman bassman to complete the line-up.

Borderline Toxic – Rock cover of Eve ft Gwen Stefani “Let Me Blow Ya Mind”

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