Blutlaich “Durch Den Spiegel Gehen” (Dark EDM / Gothic /Darkwave)

For fans of: NIN, Ministry, Meat Beat Manifesto

Blutlaich release debut EP “Durch Den Spiegel Gehen”! 

 BLUTLAICH is the musical project from Ken and Ryo Pike. You might know Ken and Ryo from their successful band Firesphere where they are known as Priest and Rosemary Butterfly. Ryo is Japanese and composes music for TV and films when she’s not writing music for BLUTLAICH. Ken has performed in several popular bands through the years, such as, Turnpike, Absolon and Firesphere. He also provides vocals for two German based projects, Eli Van Pike and Inception of Eternity. Blutlaich is based on the German model, combining EDM with industrial metal, electronica and techno for a very European vibe.

The vocals tend to be sung in the low to medium range and a bit more gutteral, rather than, in the typical traditional heavy metal operatic style with a lot of high notes. This is quite a change for Ken who is better known as a traditional metal singer. Ken mixes German words into otherwise English lyrics to make it interesting and fun. Since this style has a European club sound as well, you can even dance to it. Overall, it is a big departure from the orchestral metal they’ve been associated with. If you like bands like Rammstein, Lord of the Lost, Unheilig or Blutengel, you’ll like this new direction Ken and Ryo are taking with BLUTLAICH. 

The album will be available from October 31, 2020 on all platforms corresponding to the genre. 

Line up:

Ken & Ryo Pike Music, Lyrics, All Instruments, Vocals, Arrangement, Vocals Thorsten Eligehausen Additional vocals and instrumentation

Produced by Thorsten Eligehausen Mixed and mastered by Thorsten Eligehausen | DSM Sound-Lab

Blutlaich – Dunkelheit

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