Blake Red – S.O.S. (Songs On Suicide)

Blake Red – S.O.S. (Songs On Suicide)


  1. Face It
  2. Razorblade
  3. Let It Hurt
  4. Through The Sky

Listing the likes of Alice In Chains, Megadeth, Tool & Stone Temple Pilots as influences, Chicago born Blake Red has unleashed her E.P. S.O.S. (Songs On Suicide) to the world.

Recorded at Clear Lake Recording Studios in North Hollywood, California, Blake has worked with Grammy Award winning producer & engineer Darryl Swann (Stevie Wonder, Macy Gray and many more) on this, her debut E.P.

S.O.S. (Songs On Suicide) contains 4 blistering tracks that explode onto the listeners ears. Within these 4 tracks, Blake Red conveys a powerful message and she is not afraid to speak from the heart. The tracks take you on a journey of personal struggles, depression and anxiety. Never afraid to hit where it hurts, they highlight the conflict of good and evil, hope and despair. Although it also sends a positive message that you can get through this. S.O.S. (Songs On Suicide) is a testament to the modern day victims of ‘life’.

Kicking off with the first single ‘Face It’ we are immediately hit with a rocking stomper of a track. A bit grungey and definitely dark. Face It deals with self loathing, anger and depression. The track leaves you in no doubt that this struggle is real. Opening lyrics like “Don’t wanna be me” and “I can’t bear to see myself” hit home hard and will certainly relate to far too many people than it should.

‘Razorblade’ follows and what a track this is. I love the deepness of it’s softer moments and the all out evilness of the heavier sections. I feel that this is the best that I have ever heard Blake vocally.  ‘Razorblade’ has moments of Skunk Ananskie mixed with elements of Alice In Chains. The song is a battle between good and evil, survival or suicide.

‘Let It Hurt’ is next, with its thumping riff and in your face lyrics, Blake’s talent for creating a powerful message, yet still entertaining the listener is superbly proven here.

‘Through The Sky’ rocks it’s way next, continuing the fight with depression  Built around a stunning riff, this number leaps about from one moral side to the other, mentally attacking you with pain or salvation. “Don’t listen to the voice inside your head” screams Blake as we witness the self destruction caused by her deepest anxieties. The perfectly placed tolling bells at the end totally moved me.

Emotionally, S.O.S. (Songs On Suicide) is an awesome piece of work. If you want music to have meaning, to make you think, then S.O.S. (Songs On Suicide) is certainly worthy of your time. The message of depression, anxiety, self loathing and threat of suicide in each song will surely help those in need as they realise that they are not alone. This is a deeply personal record for Blake Red and it is a true credit to her ability to open up and deliver an outstanding piece of work that will give hope to many. Blake has confided in us and yet has come through all these issues by channelling her emotion into a positive release, she has lived to tell the tale. Now all you have to do is listen to it. 

S.O.S. (Songs On Suicide) is released on 25th October 2019 and will be available on all social media platforms


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