Black Reuss – Metamorphosis

Black Reuss – Metamorphosis

BLACK REUSS – album “Metamorphosis” – (6 September 2022, re-released by Sliptrick Records)

  1. Incomplete
  2. Grief
  3. Fear
  4. Anger
  5. Pride
  6. Lifeblood
  7. Zeal
  8. Acceptance
  9. Mind
  10. Love
  11. Joy
  12. Insoiration
  13. Exodus – Outro to Journey

Metamorphosis is the first chapter of a 4 album concept about the metaphorical flow of the river of life of a human. Maurizio Dottore from Liechtenstein forms Black Reuss to narrate his life-experience in 4 albums. The name of the band comes from the river Reuss that exists somewhere in the Alps and it is metaphorically colored black to give the band its full name.

The music of Black Reuss can hardly be put into words because the atmosphere they create is personal thus quite unique. Still if you have to put it in words, that would be Gothic Metal with additional Doom and Heavy Metal ounches, all carefully placed in a personal style that’s doomy and gloomy.

The slow, heavy and full of distortion doom riffs are combined with goth, dark wave music parts and give Black Reuss an ultra impressive dark sound. The melodies are beautiful and fragile.

Maurizio is doing really great in the performance of all instruments for the album (guitars, bass, keys, programming) and he also handles the vocal duties. The album has a decent production that justifies Sliptrick Records choice for giving it a re-release on CD.

The personal darkness of Black Reuss runs and flows through very interesting music ways that at the end of the day are similar for each one of us. And that’s what you get from Metamorphosis, an album that touches the valleys of your brain and reaches into your deepest emotions. You realize that all humans have the same worries, troubles, anxieties and problems.

“Metamorphosis” is an album that reflects to everyone’s life. What’s different is only the that way we choose (or don’t choose) to transform ourselves and get into life’s Journey (which by the way is the title of the band’s second album, also soon to be re-released on CD).

To cut a long story short, fans of gothic metal and doom metal this album’s most definitely for you. Check out also the 2nd album of Black Reuss “Journey” out soon on a CD re-release from Sliptrick and keep an eye open for the next chapters and the inevitable end of the concept with the following albums “Arrival” and “Death”.

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