Black Reuss – Journey

Black Reuss – Journey

BLACK REUSS album “JOURNEY” (6 May 2022, self-release)

  1. Exodus
  2. Dejrction
  3. Egression
  4. Hole
  5. Fail
  6. Deep-Seated
  7. Regression
  8. Dependence
  9. Integrity
  10. Affection
  11. Redemption

Black Reuss new album is the second part of the band’s very interesting concept and it is entitled “Journey”. After “Metamorphosis”, the “Journey” begins. The dark rock band from Liechtenstein progresses their concept through an ocean of feelings, inner thoughts and emotions that will surely touch you.

The opening track “Exodus” reflects the need for change. An “Exodus” is an open door to something new. Just like in the Holy Bible! An Exodus may be unexpected, but it also brings with it the enthusiasm of new, which is very important! The song is a faster edition of a blues song performed the modern way.

“Dejection” takes the path of doom and gloom. It’s a darker song that shows there is pain and suffering during the Journey that needs to be let out. The piano is a great choice for the song and it adds a lot to the sound and emotional part of the theme.

The Black Reuss welcomingly weird instrumentation continues on with “Egression” where they use Indian sitar, an instrument that The Beatles first add to the rock orchestra. The track dwells somewhere in between ethnic and gothic music, balancing positivity with negativity, in a yin and yang way.

The next song, “Hole”, it has rather gothic metal aesthetics. It brings to mind bands like Triptykon, Moonspell and mid period Rotting Christ. It is accompanied with a very cool video.

“Fail” is a song that creates the background to accept failure. Trying can be an equal success just like “success” in itself. So failing is not a fail at all in the long run. It is just (and must be seen as) a teaching method.

“Deep-seated” is a progressive rock influenced song. It is a powerful but emotional Black Reuss number that keeps the band’s personal sound, but takes it to a whole new level.

The use of piano in “Regression” adds an epic feel to the journey. It marks the time to stop for a moment, think back, recreate and re-plan your next moves. The swamp of modern living gives us little to no chances to think clearly of where we stand and where we need to go.

“Dependence” reflects on all things that we carry with us, especially mentally and emotionally. The song has a strong goth/new wave atmosphere.

“Integrity” keeps a mid tempo. It has a strong and powerful chorus and leads straight to “Affection”.

“Affection” is a heavy song with blues overtones. The piano beautifully drives it to unfold the secret meanings of the journey.

“Redemption” is where the journey ends, an epic song that closes a chapter and prepares you for the next chapter/album of Black Reuss’ concept.

Black Reuss is the river of life we dwell in. The possibilities are countless. Sometimes those possibilities are limited by others of even by our very selves. Other times they are broadened. After all, Black Reuss is a stream you have to follow. You can’t go back to it. It’s a one-way journey you have to live, to try enjoy it as much as possible, and to try handle it and possibly guide it to wherever you want to for as long as you can. Black Reuss is life in itself. Journey is a fantastic dark rock album with influences from blues up to extreme and goth metal. Discover it! Celebrate it! Live it! You won’t regret discovering this little gem from Liechtenstein!

Review by Mr Athens 79

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