Pop Restoration was first released as a vinyl recording in February of 2018, done so to honor the fully analog manner in which this album was produced. BingBong kept it “old school” by recording directly to 1” magnetic tape. Unlike most albums released these days, no digital audio programs of any sort were used. Just faders, eight tracks and the keen ears at Williamson Magnetic Recording Company were employed. Mastering was completed from tape, straight to vinyl by experts at Welcome to 1979 in Nashville. The result is a luscious and crisp sounding album that beautifully conveys the highly charged sound that BingBong fans have come to expect at live shows. This full length album features many of BingBong’s most popular tunes including, It’s Complicated, a finalist in the WHIW-LP Harvard Community Radio 2017 Songwriters Contest. So as not to disappoint those of you without a turntable, BingBong will be releasing Pop Restoration in CD format at a later date (with additional bonus tracks).

BingBong formed in 2012 and quickly became one of Madison’s favorite bands. Performing precision pop, guitar driven tunes, BingBong plays the hookiest of hooks that command your feet to move as an uncontrollable smile draws across your face. There’s an early 80s vibe to their music that is irresistible. The band features four veteran musicians that know how to lock into a groove. Pam Barrett contributes the lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Danny Hicks lends beautifully fashioned lead guitar, Brian Bentley is the heartbeat of each song and Julie Kiland drives the low end. With their first album under their belt, BingBong has refocused its sights on bringing out the beast in their electrifying live shows.

The release of Pop Restoration was celebrated on February 3rd, 2018 at the New Mr. Robert’s, in front of the fans who best know BingBong and have lovingly supported them over the years. BingBong then released the CD version in April with a party at Chief’s Tavern.

Pam Barrett – guitar, lead vocals
Brian Bentley – drums
Danny Hicks – lead guitar, vocals
Julie Kiland – bass, vocals

BingBong – It’s Complicated

BingBong – Rev It Up

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