Big Red Fire Truck

Big Red Fire Truck
Trouble in Paradise
Release: 4 August 2023

Australian hard rock outfit BIG RED FIRE TRUCK are gearing up to unleash their new EP Trouble in Paradise. This guitar driven release is a collection of high-spirited, magnetic tracks showcasing classic rock and metal styles through a contemporary sound.

Digby comments:

“We’re making this music because there’s not enough of this style in the mainstream and I miss bands like VAN HALEN, BON JOVI & AEROSMITH releasing new music. I miss having fun heavy rock music to listen to. We want to keep that alive while ripping off your car speakers.”

Opening into an 80s synth vortex with “Neon Sunsets”, BIG RED FIRE TRUCK draw you in with their intriguing and alluring instrumental opener. Segueing into “Trouble in Paradise”, the title track kicks off with high-energy guitar riffs, driving rhythms and dynamic drums. It’s a modern take on a classic hard rock sound filled with vocal harmonies and packing a punch with heavy momentum. From the groove of “Love Bite” to the punkish anthemic nature of “Miami Skies”, BIG RED FIRE TRUCK deliver a refreshing sound. “Psychotropic Thunder” brings a darker side to the EP with eerie chord progressions and instrumental leads. Their soaring vocals and catchy chorus inject an uplifting element while still adhering to the mood of the track. Ending with the sunshine infused “Hot Summer Nights”, vacation vibes make for an all-around feel-good song.


Beginning in 2016 as a project by Digby to write some fun heavy metal and hard rock songs and fulfil his need to hear new music in the style of his beloved bands. Taking inspiration from the likes of VAN HALEN, RECKLESS LOVE, THE DARKNESS, AEROSMITH, SUM 41, and CRAZY LIXX, the quartet pay homage to previous generations of hard rock while delivering their own distinctive character.

Digby (Guitar and Lead Vocals)
Ben Frank (Guitar)
Pete Grant (Drums and Vocals)
Nick Frazier (Bass)

Big Red Fire Truck – Psychotropic Thunder

Big Red Fire Truck – Trouble In Paradise

Big Red Fire Truck – Love Bite

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