Between The Planets

Between The Planets

The Czech Djent/progressive masters Between the Planets released their second album “Of Inner Sight

The band is an instrumental trio presenting a mix of groove, metal and ambient. They originally created as a one man project by Martin “Spacosh” Perina. However, they are not a traditional Djent, their music have many ambient backgrounds, a frequent post-metal elements and a pure, progressive rock-sounding guitar parts.

Of Inner Sight” hosted by Norwegian saxophonist Jørgen Munkeby (Shining, ex Jaga Jazziest), the singer Barbora Mochowa, and the cellist Karel Žďárský. The mix and mastering was done by the proven Ecson Waldes from BIOTECH, the artwork of CD is the work of Lukáš Lancko 3D graphics (ISIS DESIGN STUDIO). Both have already collaborated with the band on the first album. 

The main concept behind it is sort of being telegraphed by the title alone – “Of Inner Sight” – something about our third eye. The record is trying to express the fight between the inner self and its view concerning different things. It explores the state of mind when you are trying to connect to yourself and communicate with your inner thoughts and processes. At the same time if one is opened enough, there are impulses of inspiration and he/she doesn’t even know where that came from. You can experience this while meditating, composing music (or anything that expresses your creativity) – when you focus on one thing only and do not think about anything else at all.

There are some emotional and ambient passages, which needs to be heard more than once, so you can clearly hear all the layers of the sound.

At the same time,  guitar-heavy passages are having more impact and are much straighter to the point.

Martin Spacosh expressed the process of creating new songs as; “I am the sole author of the BTP music as of yet. Well the process is as following: I record all the music in my home studio and create quite detailed drum patterns and layers in the MIDI format. Then I share this version of MIDI drums with our drummer Filip and he will edit the tracks from the drummer’s perspective. That means inserting some breaks, changing the dynamics, altering arrangements etc. Then he will send his version back to me. I will or will not accept any / all of those changes (there comes the iteration process into play) and it’s basically done. Filip will learn how to play the final parts and we can go live. The bass lines are basically staying the same throughout this process – that means they are exactly the same as on the first demo. Lots of demo stuff actually makes it to the final record.

When it comes to tracks, it’s quite the same process as of other musicians – the tracks are born when I improvise or play with some melodic motives. When it captures my attention or inspire me in any way, it can grow up to be a basis for a track.”

Martin “Spacosh” Perina : music / production / recording / programming 
Filip Kittnar – drums
Adam Palma – bass


Between The Planets i Inside

Between The Planets – Energy of Wishes

Between The Planets – Gravitational Collapse

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Band location – Prague, Czech republic

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