Bent By Sorrow

Bent By Sorrow

The Band:
Bent By Sorrow is an alternative, groove-metal band located in Athens-Greece, with sounds influenced by bands like Deftones, Soilwork, Disturbed etc.

The journey:
The band traces back its creation in 2012, founded and formed by Giannakis Dimi. Through the time of its journey, the band recorded it’s first e.p. in 2013 by the name “same crew, different sails”

In 2016 the second e.p. “Through fire and water” was released  with a new singer (Dim Arap) from B-otherside empowering the band and recording in vinyl (300 copies were sold)

Three years  later in 2019′ the band recorded it’s third and upcoming e.p “Dementia” (consists of 6 tracks) with new massive sound and Fotis Benardo (Septic Flesh/SixForNine) as a producer. Dementia e.p. will be released in 2020′, powered up by new members in its line up!

The presence :
In between the recordings and forth, Bent By Sorrow have appeared on venues and festivals, sharing the stage with bands like-Harakiri For The Sky and EyeHateGod while also has led many shows on smaller stages in Greece.

The present tense :
Currently, the band is planning on European tours in 2020 and actively looking to participate in Summer Festivals all over Europe. Even more  actively the band is looking for opportunities to perform on stages both local and abroad!

Album credits:
Producing: Fotis Benardo
Sound engineer: Fotis Benardo (Septic Flesh, Rotting Christ, Melechesh, Inactive Messiah, On Thorns i Lay)
Mixed: Fotis Benardo
Mastered: Steve Lado (Tardive Dyskinesia,Mask of Prospero,Potergeist)
Recorded at Devasoundz Studios.
Concept Art Design by Zak Ananiadis

 Video producing:
 “False Legacy” video clip by Bob Katsionis (Progressive vision group)
 “Unkown Sources” lyric video by Manthos Stergiou (Manster design)

Giannakis Dimi (Guitar)
Pantelis Saroglou (Guitar)
Dimitris Arapoglou (Vocals)
Giorgos Vasilopoulos (Bass)
Vaios Faltakas (Drums)

Same Crew, Different Sails EP (2013)
Through fire and Water 2016 (from B-Otherside Records) 300 copies on vinyl – Sold out
Dementia EP (2020)

Bent By Sorrow – Through Fire And Water

Bent By Sorrow – A Never Sending Letter

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