Ben Blutzukker

Ben Blutzukker

Ben Blutzukker has taken inspiration from the archaic and reinvented the haunting atmospherics under a new Dark Metal furore with his latest project; reincarnating a 66.6-year-old Jazz track.

His latest work takes Eartha Kitt; queen of the nightclubs 1953 track “I Want to be Evil” and pours even more malevolence into the single. While “I Want to Be Evil” wasn’t as popular as “C’est Si Bon” or “Santa Baby” by the original artist, it packed the nefarious allure which beckoned for a more contemporary, darker reinvigoration.

So, what do you suppose happens when you put Duesseldorf, Germany’s solo Artist, BEN BLUTZUKKER and the Norwegian songstress, LIV KRISTINE whom once fronted such inspirational bands as, LEAVES’ EYES, and Goth Legends, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, into a pan together, mixed, then placed into a kiln for a while? Well, once that oven splits asunder, out emerges a Hymn that caters to the beings of the night. A tribute to the fascination that hides in the absence of light. The bass lines pulsate like hot blood in the veins while the riffs cut like fangs into your neck.

In addition, the voices of this dynamic duo ensnare and tentatively evoke memories of “Velvet Darkness They Fear” the Album that has helped not only LIV KRISTINE, but an entire genre to break through.

And who knows? BEN BLUTZUKKER knows that this time a music video complete with Lego figurines must not be absent! The lyric video features Lego likenesses of Liv and Ben, plus a myriad of scary scenes as the pair trek through a haunted house, and its adjoining cemetary…

A definite must see

Ben Blutzukker is playing Heavy Metal! After focusing 10 years on blutzukker, his Dark Electro project, the call of the analog instruments became too strong… The result is a Metal EP recorded as a solo project under his own name!

Analog Blood brings four blutzukker tracks from the 2007 album Digital Blood and reinterprets them into metal headbangers!

This project marks something of a return to his roots for Ben Blutzukker. From 2000 until 2004 he played bass guitar in the German thrash metal band Jormundgard. During this period the band recorded an album, contributed a track to the Blind Guardian Tribute Sampler and opened for Belphegor and Nocte Obducta.  

Not restricted to making music, Ben Blutzukker has written an eBook, founded (and closed) a record label, worked as a voice actor, and prepared for the upcoming apocalypse by playing a “zombie in the background” in a splatter movie!!

The web portal MI On Air is another of his creations. This service for Dark Music and Metal scene bands logs when and where a bands songs are played on internet radio and how many listeners were tuned in at the time of play.

Ben Blutzukker – I Want To Be Evil

Ben Blutzukker feat. Live Kristine – Queen of the Nite

Ben Blutzukker – Red

Ben Blutzukker – From Hell

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Artist location – Düsseldorf, Germany

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