Before Sunday

Before Sunday – new single
“Tzitziki feat” @Eleni Nota Drums

Produced by: Kristian Møller-Munar
Co produced by: Nik Basis, Stella Panteloudi
Mixed by Kristian Møller-Munar

Video by Tony ‘Telepriest’ Huber
Mastered by Siopis Masters

Vocals: Stella Panteloudi
Guitars: Nik Basis
Drums: Eleni Nota
Bass: George Paul

“Tzitziki” is the band’s first single taken from their new upcoming album.
This epic anthem leans heavily into the emotions of rage and its effects on one’s motivations to succeed.
It’s ‘random’ lyrics and the ‘rehearsal’ vibe makes it interesting for us. We had fun with this one! Hope you like it!

Special thanks to the amazing Eleni Nota!


BEFORE SUNDAY is a band with a raw, energetic and personal attitude. Based out of London, UK, and originally from Greece, the band was formed by guitarist and songwriter Nik Basis back in 2012. Singer Stella Panteloudiquickly joined the group, and the duo relocated to London the following year.

Their sound blurs the lines between different genres, including pop, hard rock, funk and alternative, revealing a rather eclectic approach to songwriting and a very impressive musicianship across the board.
BEFORE SUNDAY’s music has been compared to the sound of seminal musicians such as Red Hot Chili Peppers,  Sia, Pink and Michael Jackson, to mention but a few.

It is not surprising that group’s music has already been received quite a vast array of accolades and awards, as a testament to the band’s drive and ability to write memorable music that sets the bar higher.

Among other achievements, the group scored a finalist award in the UK Songwriting Competition (2017) for their single “No Destination” Following this, their popular track “Obsessions” has received a slew of awards. These include accolades for the UK Songwriting (2018) and Unsigned Only competition (2019).

Before Sunday – Tzitziki (feat. Eleni Nota)

Before Sunday – Devil

Before Sunday – Obsessions

Before Sunday – No Destination

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