Before Sunday – Anticipation

Before Sunday – Anticipation

BEFORE SUNDAY – album “Anticipation” (Rockshots Records, April 2020)

  1. Living in London
  2. Big House
  3. Unconditional
  4. Gone
  5. Closed Doors
  6. No Destination
  7. A Million People
  8. Obsessions
  9. Goddess Devil

Before Sunday is a Greek band based in London, UK. “Anticipation” is their debut album. It was just released from the Italian label Rockshots Records and received a worldwide distribution.

Before Sunday have a very uplifting, fresh and pop sound, although rock influences are not missing. Their songs are very thoroughly worked in every detail. They have great melodic lines in them and call you out to become a part of them. There has been a very nice job done in terms of production. And in the end Before Sunday really give positive vibes with their music.

Before Sunday in “Anticipation” play very much with the groove, they add to it r’n’b vibes, alternative hooks, and hard-heavy finishing lines. All this while still retaining their pop identity. All Before Sunday songs have a radio friendly character and could become hits.

Standout tracks for me would be “Living in London”, an r’n’b song with excellent vocal lines that connects the band to artists like Sia and sounds very fresh, the heartbreaking “Gone” which is a sad ballad of utmost quality and then “Big House” which has many influences from Michael Jackson and the disco music. The singles/videos “No Destination”, “Obsessions” and “Devil” are also excellent songs and deservingly the band decided to make videos for them.

To sum it up, “Anticipation” is a fabulous debut from a band that has worked very much over what pop is to them and how will they present it in their music and they appear ready to release a debut that is really excellent, has an own sound and reveals a band with personality. 

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